Which life lesson has changed you most?

What has changed me the most is the fact that I started working more on myself.Many people forget how important it is to improve yourself daily. Personal development has changed me enormously. I often got advice on how to do things, but I knew that was not the right way.

My life lesson is that you need to get to know yourself really well before you want to do anything at all.Who are you? What are you good at? What do you want to accomplish? What has also been a lesson for me is not to listen too much to others, and I do not mean that you have to ignore all the advice, no to the contrary. Listen to advice you recognize in yourself, otherwise you can just leave it for what it is.

Dare is to be alone once.Dare to talk to yourself once and face yourself. Hou is once away from everything and put yourself is in the center of everything. There is so much more in you than what you think. That is my life lesson.

Usually life is different from your dreams, desires, fantasies, expectations, assumptions, plans.

So we dig our own pitfalls.We are disappointed in ourselves, in others, in life. We regret, we are frustrated, bitter, angry, unhappy, depressed… Name it.

The moment I realized that I kept on making plans, have expectations, make assumptions.By taking life as it comes, letting the past for what it is and accepting people as they are, I now live from day to day. I live without regret and disappointments. I am happy.

Carpe Diem

Life is fragile.Little chance I’m going to say, I’d only worked more. I want to enjoy a day, of every emotion, of every moment.

If you can not talk, can not move and every sense is overloaded.. Then your world becomes small.. The last I thought was work, performance, holiday or stuff.

I want to (the) just live.What exactly that means in practice I am inventing. But the lesson I try to keep daily.. I still live, every day is invitation to make it as beautiful as possible.

That doesn’t mean I’m singing Kumbaya all day.I’m angry sad, uncertain, happy, cheerful, full of bravado and everything around it… I have to abide by certain rules and laws, but how I fill that… That’s my adventure.

My life lesson that has changed me tremendously is that you have to move around in other people.As a teenager, I lied too much and stolen from people who didn’t Haden anymore than we were at home. So at some point the lie came to light and it was stolen from me and not 1 thing just all the value things in the house. As a result, I noticed how someone else should have felt. I have a friend I know 20 years and the stigma of lying is still present!

I learned that you can help which if that person doesn’t want that.And you have to stop to feel responsible and let go and think more about yourself.

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