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What is Coriolus and where does it come from?

For thousands of years, the Coriolus versicolor Mushroom has been known by the Chinese as a powerful medicinal organism.

Loved for her healing and vitalizing powers, this fungus kind of legend enjoyed those who discovered the millennial mushroom and became immortal. In The West, the acceptance and wonder surrounding the Coriolus mushroom, also called ‘ Turkey Tail ‘, is not so much on tradition, but based on research results. Scientists have documented science for years, which the Chinese herbalism had already discovered centuries ago. That is, the fact that we are dealing here again with a very exceptional species under all life forms on our Mother Earth. These modern studies also drew the conclusion that medicinal mushrooms deserve a very special place within the medicinal world, particularly because these are some of the most potent medicinal organisms on the whole Planet.

What does Coriolus do?

If you would ask a medical scientist what he or she, if known of course, finds the healing effect of the Coriolus mushroom, then in all probability the first answer is one with regard to the amazing immune system Regulating and reinforcing characteristics that this mushroom possesses.The Coriolus mushroom protrudes from all other medicinal mushrooms with a head and shoulders in terms of this characteristic trait.

These immune system enhancing properties thanks this mushroom in particular to the large amounts of Beta-glucans, which strengthen our immune system to a maximum and regenerate and rejuvenate the human body.

This means that this mushroom possesses very strong anti-aging qualities, which will be perceptible both on the inside and outside of the human. On the outside this contributes from healthy hair to a young elastic skin. The effects of inside the body are of more spectacular proportions and result in cell and D.N.A. mutation and damage being countered. These special polysaccharides (Beta-Glucans) are able to tackle cancer formation at the source (at the cellular level) and thus make a huge contribution to our immune and immune system. They are also the most active medicinal components in the Coriolus mushroom and these are known as Krestin or P.S.K. in Japan, and as Yun Zhi, or P.S.P. in China. This mushroom also appears to cause a huge spike in the production of Natural Killer (NK) cells, as well as its peers Algaricus, Maitake, Chaga and others.

According to a number of studies, the amount of NK cells is even doubled in a period of eight weeks at regular intake of the Coriolus mushroom.In addition, these studies clearly showed that the Coriolus mushroom had a positive effect on patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as patients with Lyme disease. In addition to the Coriolus mushroom, in this study, vitamin D, Koenjit/turmeric, Echinacea and Maitake were given an honorable mention in the study of medicinal foods against cancer and other forms of cell and D.N.A. mutation and Damage. Below are a number of further research results, which leave no doubt about the healing power of this particular, but often uncommonly ignored, mushroom.

– In March 2008, the B.M.C. Cancer Institute declares in one of its reports that it is abundantly clear that the Coriolus versicolor mushroom has a medicinal effect on cancer development in the human body.This study showed no room for doubt that this mushroom produced positive results in the fight against gastric, esophageal, breast, lung, and colorectal cancers. The efficacy of the protein-bound polysaccharides as an immune modulator is thus credited.

– The journal Cancer Immunology and immunotherapy reports on double-blind studies on 111 patients with colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer.Although traditional Western medicine offers little help and as good as no solutions for colon cancer patients, the results measured following Coriolus consumption showed a remarkable improvement in relation to the Amount of white blood cells, this even in advanced cases of colon cancer. The activity and capacity of the white blood cells to remove pathogens and toxins was suddenly increased dramatically after regular intake of the Coriolus mushroom.

– A year-long clinical study investigated the effects of medicinal mushrooms on patients with the H.P.V. (Human Papillo Virus) virus.This is a virus which is co-responsible for the emergence of cervical cancer. The results were mind boggling and were presented in 2008 at the 20th European Congress of Obstetry & Gynocology.

Dr.Silva Couto and his research team discovered that the Coriolus mushroom had a regressive effect on this particular disease image. The different test groups consisted of one group which took Coriolus extract and the other without taking this dietary supplement. The extract group showed a regression rate of no less than 72% in dysplasia and high-risk H.P.V. virus subtypes, which are responsible for cervical cancer, for example. This compared with 47.5% in the group without the Coriolus mushroom extract. Similarly, the same study of the regression rates on the effect of high-risk H.P.V. subtypes showed that this decreased by as much as 90%, compared with a very low 8.5% in respect of the group without Coriolus extract.

– A November 2008 study of the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology shows that the Coriolus mushroom is an effective tool in the fight against autoimmune diseases.T cells or ‘ helper cells ‘ (th) in our bodies belong to a group that is also known as ‘ lymphocytes ‘, which play a central role in the cell-driven immune system. Uncontrolled reactions of these T-cells, which often are at autoimmune illnesses the problem, often lead to these autoimmune illnesses and all kinds of associated inflammations and their disease pictures. The identification with agents that modulate these helper cells is essential for driving autoimmune diseases. The Coriolus mushroom has been shown to have a positive effect on this, which gives the body an impulse to activate and rebuild its own immune system. This is due in particular to reduced T-cell activation, which causes impulsive reactions of these cells to disappear and therefore the symptoms of autoimmune diseases are eliminated and eventually the disease itself cures.

– Japanese scientists have conducted extensive research into 200 different phyto-chemicals (plant extracts) that are most active in the fight against cancer.The Coriolus mushroom was distinguished for its high antitumoral activity.

– In another Japanese study, 185 patients with lung cancer were treated in different stages by means of chemotherapy.Research showed that the survival and Crimea of the tumors were the highest and strongest in the patients who had taken Coriolus extract. Similar results were recorded in studies of the effects of this fungal strain on gastric cancer. The patients were significantly less affected by the side effects of chemotherapy and felt better and stronger compared to the other test group without the Coriolus extract.

– The practitioners claim the fact that Coriolus and its extracts are effective against a number of conditions, including cancer and certain infectious diseases.P.S.K., one of the constituents of Coriolus versicolor, has been shown to be a very strong antioxidant, with compounds that inhibit the action of free radicals in the human body. Create these free radicals by forming an aggressive compound with other body molecules, the possibility of cell and D.N.A. damage and mutation. However, modern science is still divided over whether this mushroom is in itself a recognized medicinal agent in the fight against cancer and other forms of cell mutation. However, it has been admitted and clearly proven that the large quantities of polysaccharides and antioxidants, which are evident, have contributed to a clear and tangible contribution in the reappearance of cell mutation and cancer formation in the human body. In the end, it is perhaps more of a word and power game between two different disciplines what is being played, than actually looking at the facts. The polysaccharides and antioxidants finally come from the Coriolus mushroom and nowhere else from. Once again, evidence has been provided that Mother Nature really has an answer to all the global disease images, if they are listened to and learned from her.

Final conclusion is that Coriolus extract can be a good spearhead of your medicine and/or nutritional supplement cabinet, even if you are a scorching example of health.The Coriolus mushroom takes care of being prepared for any kind of infection and can be used in curing any infected organ, gland or tissue. The resistance enhancing and immune boosting effect of the Coriolus mushroom provide a significant increase in the survival of people with autoimmune and terminal disease, without unnecessarily overtaking the immune system Encourage. In addition, Coriolus also provides a guarantee for increasing general physical conditions and thus makes an indispensable contribution for us as people in our contemporary industrial age.

Where do I get Coriolus?

The Coriolus mushroom is often the easiest to purchase via an online web shop.This is because one is often designated on a single specialist in the larger cities for selling medicinal mushrooms. We at since 2001 prominent in Superfoods and healthy lifestyles offer you a simple and quick opportunity to go to order via our website: www.superfood.nl

It is also possible to obtain this medicinal mushroom by prescription from your doctor or specialist in order to treat a particular set of disease images.Consult your GP or hospital specialist and check in your policy if you are eligible for alternative (natural) medicines, whether or not in combination with chemotherapy and/or other treatment methods. Finally, you can also often find this product in Chinese and other Asian medicine practices. Should you ever proceed to follow such treatment, please do so in strict consultation with your doctor and/or specialist.

How do I consume Coriolus?

The Coriolus mushroom is again usually delivered as a hot-water extract.This extract, powdered or tincture or alcohol-based, is best consumed as an addition in (hot) beverages, such as tea, coffee, broth or soups. Capsules are also available, the dosage of which varies between 1-5 capsules for adults, depending on which manufacturer has delivered your product. In droplet form, a dosage of 4-10 drops is generally a healthy average. If you swallow this mushroom for medical purposes, please do so in consultation with your doctor.

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