Which handreikings for a positive view of life are not calendar wisdom?

Take a life-threatening situation with you.

If you survive, nothing can disturb your rest.Then the sun (in any case a while) seems even like it is unwaing.


A pessimist is a lazy optimist.

If a pessimist goes wrong, it would have been expected and can cope with it, while an optimist should deal with disappointments.

Yes, I understand that the above remarks do not seem positive at first, but if you think about it, you will find out.

Good, one more than:

What others think of you is less important than the fact that you should be able to watch yourself in the mirror every morning!Believe in who you are and in what you do!

Believe in yourself.

Everything you come across in life is not express and personal, comes purely through your own choices.

Where a Will is, is a way.

Change does not begin with others.

Everything that moves negatively in your personal vision also has a positive character, only you have to achieve this point.

Stand up every day and repeat these words for yourself.Today is a day I consider positive and all the negativity I do not notice.

Fighting and suffering, so that you can free others;-)

The struggle of human life in 4 phases, with the analogy of the war in Russia 1941 -1945.Was primarily for Christian audiences, but also reasonably suitable for a secular hearing, with some adaptation. First, look at what you get out of it in the four parts of the video before you read my remarks afterwards.

(English only, sorry)

  1. Your carefree life is overtaken.

Victim-denial-despair-from the shore in the ditch-the end seems near

  • First recovery.
  • Learning to live with less and pain-start again-tackling your primary problems-being hardened

  • New challenges.
  • Learning to fight despite pain-patience and tenacity growing-outbreak and new adulthood

  • Refined by fire.
  • Being successful-experiential expert-others can coach-wisdom-lasting joy-peace

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