Which graphic novels made by Dutch comic authors can you recommend me?

In the 70 ′s years, Hans G Kresse has written a nice series of stories about Vidocq, a detective around the time of the revolution.

Quite recently, Magreet the Lord together Willard Mans and Bas Schuddebo have compiled a list of 59 graphic Novels from the Dutch language region (Flanders and the Netherlands)

Graphic Novels for the reading list-comic maker of the national.

From that 59 I have only read a handful.(exactly five so.) Some are only out, others we speak less. There are only 7 days on the week and 24 hours a day so a person should make choices once.

Sleeping heads by Randall C. I personally found a revelation.Poetic, philosophical and funny. 10 years after the publication date you can still call it an innovative album.

The Zotte violence of Joris Vermassen is small, gripping and yet surprising (because you know him especially of the humorous work he made under his pseudonym Fritz van Den Heuvel in the early Years 90.)

Brecht Evens stands with ‘the Amusument‘ in the list, His ‘somewhere where you do not want to be‘ and ‘The Lovers‘ are also recommended.

Judith Vanistendael with the ‘ Virgin and the Negro ‘ in the list also Her ‘when David lost his voice ‘ was a very personal book and worth it.

Willy linthout that you will know especially about the Urbanus comics his year of the elephant is a very personal and gripping story about the suicide of his son.

Furthermore, I think of Marc Legendre ‘ further‘.(Not in the list above.)

Apparently all Flemings.I fear that I am guilty of the ‘ own litter first ‘ syndrome. But I like the work of Lian Ong (does not really sound Dutch but born in Delft) with BV Horizon really good. You also can’t get to the work of Maaike hearts and Barbara Stok and Kraut of Peter Pontiac has long been on the wish list.

I can recommend your storm.I think it is quite old. Because I read this Comics when I was “small”.

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