Which God is the right God?

‘Grey years ago’ a man lives in the east,
The one ring of unadjustable value
From dear hand besa’.The stone was a
Opal that played a hundred beautiful colors,
And had the secret power, before God
And to make people comfortable, who
In this confidence he carried.What miracles,
Because the man in the east never
From the finger lie; and the supply hit,
Forever to see him at his home
to receive?It’s like that. He lent the ring
Of his sweets the most beloved;
And determined that this in turn
The ring of his so-called
Who is his dearest; and always the dearest,
Ohn’s longing for birth, in force alone
The ring, the head that becomes the chief of the house.


So came this ring, from son to son,
On a father finally of three shnen;
All three of them were obedient to him,
The all three he therefore love equal
Could not escape.Only from time
At the time, it soon seemed to him that, soon this, soon
The third, as well as everyone with him
Alone, and his prolific heart
The other two did not share,
The Ring; which he also
The pious weakness had to promise.
That’s how it went as long as it went.alone
There was death, and the good father
Kömmt in embarrassment.It hurts him, two
From his sons who rely on his word
Leave, so to offend.What to do?
He sends in secret to a artist,
In which, according to the pattern of his ring, he
Two others ordered, and neither cost
Still save money, they are like that,
To make it completely the same.This succeeds
To the artist.As he brings him the rings,
Can even the father use his pattern ring
Do not distinguish.Joyful and joyful calls
He his soothes, each in spitsondre;
Gives everyone in spitine of his blessing,
And his ring, and dies.


As soon as the father was dead, everyone could
With his ring, and everyone wants the
of the house.One investigates, one bickers,
You complain.For free; the right ring was not
It’s a good way to do that.’

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing: Nathan the Wise

Which God is the right God?

Wars have been and are being waged to answer this question, and God is usually only the vehicty of attaining earthly power (and wealth).

One can believe in God, in whatever form, that proof of existence is not possible.

One question remains, is man really a clearly higher form of development of known life, the lowlands of human being make doubt sway so it needs rules to ensure a minimum quality of coexistence, here also meaningful religions come into the Game.


Which one else?The others are just misguided fools, only I recognize the right, true God. Everyone else did not understand it and lived dullly in their world. They worship idols. So it can only be my God. With God I swear, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you by slaping you on your head.

He just loves.And so much so that he is already three, that is, Trinity.

He who, out of love, even goes into the deepest depths of human existence and gets to know death.


I am going a little further now, because it is an issue that is well worth discussing.Basically, many people are preoccupied with the questions of origin, “Where do we come from?”, “Where do we go?”. I think that every religion is trying to give answers to these questions. These answers now range from the “eternal hunting grounds” to reincarnation and, in my opinion, are quite similar. “God” as a metaphysical being does not exist – so there is no false or correct God. What there is no doubt, however, is a higher order to which we owe our existence. Omnipotence and omniscience are difficult to grasp in this context and can also be easily refuted – for example: “Can the Almighty God create a stone so heavy that he can no longer lift it?”. We, as finite beings, naturally deal with the concept of infinity – mathematically this is not a problem, but to imagine a being that has always existed automatically leads to an infinite chain of causality in connection with the question of by whom created by this being. The Big Bang, to which we owe the creation of our universe, is often used as a divine impulse. What we do not know, however, is the answer to the question of how many times this Big Bang has actually taken place before.

In short: wrong or right God – this cannot be answered, because it would be a little God who is only “responsible” for a limited number of people.Nature, life, evolution, the emergence of something new when the old has disappeared – all of this suggests that there seems to be something that is rationally incomprehensible and I would leave it at that.

Has no one contacted you?Then no one feels responsible for you or is interested in you. Good news for you: You are free and don’t need to take care of any gods any longer.

There is no other creator of your destiny than you.Whoever seeks God outside will never find him. Discover your divine essence and you will raise pointless questions to ask

The fact that there can be no objective and generalised correct answer to this, i.e. one that can be overstated and demonstrable, should probably be clear to everyone by now.

Subjectively, it looks naturally different, – for every single person who believes in a God, it is true, understandably and logically, always applies:

The right one is the one you believe in!

Immediately any objective proof is found for any of the thousands of gods believed in our world, I will tell you.

I guess.that all religions have understood some aspects of God. The all-powerful being, to whom all religions give different names, is too great to fit into a book.

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