Which Dutch word is most often misspelled?

Verb forms whose trunk ends on a/l/or/r/are misspelled very often.

So I see very often for example

  • He paid instead of he pays (for O.T.T.) [1
  • He determined instead of He determines (O.T.T.)
  • He improved instead of he improves (for O.T.T.)
  • He changed instead of he changes (for O.T.T.)

But what I described above is actually not a spelling mistake in the literal sense of the word.This is rather to be seen as a grammatical mistake.

For misspelled words, so words that are not grammatical wrong, but simply written incorrectly, there are lists of them to be found on the Internet. [2[3 Frankly I do not know which statistical surveys these lists are based on.

This involves words such as subscriber, course, gift and so on.Perhaps they are often written as * abonné, course and gifts.

I will leave it here for now.I hope to have answered this question.

Thank you for asking me this question Dahlia Sherif (Dahlia Sherif).


[1 present tense-Wikipedia

[2 The 100 Dutch words that are most often misspelled

[3 These 100 words are most often written error

According to the Society our language is the spelling method of their/them the most popular advice: 25 most Popular advices | Society our language.On a beautiful second and third place are happening/happened and the combinations there /there on/on /There/…

Everything you need to paste a â € ̃dâ €™ or a â € ̃tâ €™ behind.

Avocado, the times I see avocado are countless.

This reminds me of the test we got in the last year of Mâ €™ N Humanities in the lesson Dutch.

improve if necessary. â €

You got some sentences and you were allowed to correct the errors.Only our teacher was so great helpful to put a lot of instinkers in it. You started to doubt just about everything.

  • He could no longer recall whether the agreement was to be heated with mazout or gas.
  • The consensus is that there is no more cooking on the barbeque as on other islands on the Cook Islands.
  • Thou had have to see that, it was terrible bad weather.
  • With Zâ €™ N spikplinternew GSM it became that mega-simple message sms’t, though he might as well have been able to use an Email.
  • ‘ NS Look how we do that.
  • He poured zâ €™ n red-wine glass at all times half-full.
  • The feast continues on December 25th with Christmas, but you don’t have to come in Christmas attire.

I would say: do an attempt.(Or look in the comments.)

In our classroom, almost everyone was on that kind of key.It is therefore mega-difficult. (Or was it â € ̃megamuillin â €™.)


If I listen to my teachers from secondary then I will say that the word is â € the mostmisspelled is.

No idea which word is most wrongly written, but a good contender are the handles.

Both in speech use and in Scripture, people want to have a ton of hands, where they actually want to have something to catch up with (grasp).

It is à © à © n handle, two handles.

â € ̃Fauteuilâ™ seems really very difficult, but thanks to the computer it pops up flawlessly.

Main category seems to me the â € ̃.. DT ‘ and sometimes the’t ‘ instead of the’d ‘ and vice versa.

How do you play this? Has he spelled it wrong-(t)? Played/t he also mee? It never get anything.

I think you should relativate that.Which word is most often wrongly written in proportion. The stupidily counting how often a word is misspelled says not so much. Them and their comparison has little to do with spelling, which is wrong use of another word.

Przewalskipaardâ € ¦.:-P

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