Which Dutch law do you find ridiculous?

A part of the Constitution, namely the provision that the Dutch courts are not allowed to test the Constitution.The legal protection of the citizen is therefore not well guaranteed. Internationally, the Netherlands therefore belongs to the few exceptions.

‘ Let right laws keys to the Constitution ‘ A

A law has been passed which criminalizes sex with animals.Friends abroad have laughed at the question of whether we needed it here. Apparently so, but good. If my brother-in-law, for milking, decreases the udders of his cows, I ask today whether that is related to milking or whether there is actually foreplay.

The Land Loperij law.(They don’t carry them out anymore) But in the past people were not allowed to hang out on the streets.

In the first version of the National Penal Code (SR), which was established in 1809, land Loperij was included as a crime, roaming without demonstrable means of existence was punishable.The thought behind this was that someone who was strong enough to travel around was also strong enough to be able to work. The fact that there was often no employment was ignored. The country runners who were arrested were often ‘ employed ‘ in the east of the Netherlands, where they worked in a kind of penal camps on land exploitation. A well-known interior for country Runners was Esser Heem in veenhuizen.Later it as well as begging became punishable as an offence (art.432-434 Sr).

There is in any case one law that I personally find common.That is the Successionlaw 1956.This law essentially stipulates that each beneficiary of a inheritance (or donation) must pay a part as inheritance tax. In principle, I do not think this is a bad idea yet. With this law, the Government ensures that the “rich” does not remain rich forever (money from mom and dad) and must be a part of their assets for the benefit of the general resources. But there is a downside. This law taxed money which I believe is already taxed. My father and mother already pay wealth tax, income tax, city tax, you know it. Why should this money, which has already been paid a lot of tax, have to be paid again if I inherit the assets? In any case, it sounds to me like double taxation on the same money. Not fair and therefore I find this law ridiculous.

That you (in some places) can get a fine for not shutting down your bike: 40 euros.This is not a law, but an APV (local regulation). Nevertheless still a rule where you have to keep up or you risk a penalty.

I do not know if it is a law… But I find it ridiculous that the Dutch cannot go to the ballot box on Sundays.I believe that European elections would all take place in one day.

The way Cannabis is perceived by law.

In fact, a law that promotes crime.

That the height of the road load is linked to the weight of the vehicle.Better would be the engine power or ratio of power to weight.

Penalties for offences in traffic.More than just fines should be spent as punishment.

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