Which Dish could your mother or Father Cook well and do you have good memories of?

My mother could make a great curry rice (rice, meat, onions, curry) as simple as what, but I could continue bragging.

I never manage to get it exactly as it did.

The first thing that comes to mind is Käsekuchen, as my mum mentioned it in Yiddish.Originally probably German or Polish but now also in the USA a well-known delicacy.

When we went to eat at Mama at the weekend-Mama had to always call to ask where we had lead birds with a flat tail so long-the dessert at the coffee was very often Käsekuchen.

I myself was a bit blasé, but my husband could never get enough of it and asked her every time for the recipe.No avail. “You don’t need a prescription anyway,” Mama used to say. “If you want to Kuchen, I’ll make it for you, anyway.”

The truth was that Mama did not used a cookbook and even no scripture.Recipes were passed orally and quantities that you simply estimated with your healthy housewives mind.

Mama died long ago and the last time I ate Käsekuchen came from the famous Antwerp Baker Kleinblatt.Pepper expensive and in my opinion long not so delicious.

With a recipe from the internet I will ever try it myself.And then pass it on to my daughter who is also a fan.

But the secret of that delicious creamy cheese cake is the ingredients.No cheese but quark, vanilla sugar pouch, grated lemon peel… Mhmmm!

My mom really makes a blissful chicken soup.Although it is now 8 o’clock in the morning, the water runs in the mouth when I think about it.

A good reminder I have especially to a dish that my grandmother often made.The dish is called Tête de Veau and was originally made from veal poulet. She made it with minced meat and hard-boiled eggs. It is a traditional limburgish dish, which was made at festive occasions such as fairground and carnival.

This is the recipe as I remember:

500 gram minced beef
1 egg
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
6 Decilitres of water
Salt and pepper (add to taste)
200 grams mushrooms
50 gram Butter
50 gram flour
2 small cans of tomato puree
1 Hard boiled egg p.p.
1 Pickle P.P.
1 dash of coffee milk

How to make Tête de Veau
Mix the minced beef with the egg and the breadcrumbs.

Make meatballs and fry them brown and cooked. Brush the mushrooms clean and cut into quarters. Put the mushrooms in the minced meat and let them yarn. Clean the onion, cut it small and add to the minced/mushroom mixture.

Make 6 dl beef broth.Prepare a roux. Melt the butter and add flour until it is well warm and light brown. Then add the broth. Stir well until all clumps are gone. Add the tomato puree.

Put the meat, mushrooms and onion back into the pan and make everything warm.Add to taste salt and pepper. Is the sauce too thick? Add some bouillon. For a creamy taste you can add a dash of coffee milk.

Cut some eggs into wedges and make a range of pickaches.Put this on top of the mixture.

Both my parents could cook well.For people born in the years 1930, it is customary, in Flanders (northern part of Belgium), that the woman could cook well, but that the man had no understanding of it.

The dish that my mother could cook well and to which I have good memories is the following:

1 kg potatoes

1kg chicory

1/2 kg cooked ham

1/4 kg crushed cheese

Black pepper, nutmeg

Peel, boil and puree the potatoes.Do not add milk, egg or butter.

Snipper the chicory as finely as possible and cook it.Steaming is better

Cut the boiled ham into squares of more or less 1.5 cm.

Mix everything and add the spices.

Put another fifteen minutes in the preheated oven and serve warm.


I myself have found dozens of variants on this dish and it is one of my favorite methods of preparation of many afternoons.

Actually the most popular dishes I grew up with can still get them done well.Because I didn’t want to stand in the kitchen before, unfortunately I did not think about what is now a pity when I get the trek but I am still unable to do so. Only one thing. Rice. How simple rice too is me mom always made it with a taste. That you have to eat almost nothing so tasteful is ie.

Snipper onions and throw them on the heat so average in a pan.Of course some oil underneath. Continue to stir your bit that the rice does not burn off. When it starts to become glassy sprinkle your Vegeta over it, but if you don’t know it or want to do it later, you’ll have a Maggie cube with garden herbs in water. So you have your onions glassy add your rice to your liking and stir. Now the fire may be lower. Not longer than a minute. Then you just don’t add twice as much water as you do a cup of rice then just a cup and a 3/4 cup of water. If you have not used Vegeta then you are now throwing a Maggi block. Put your fire on about 5 to 6 by electric hob If you do have something more flame than the lowest. You are going to have to cook so much water and that takes a while. When the water boils you look and determines about the fire that does not boil too hard but needs something more than simmering. If there is no water at the top, you are going to stir your rice then you will still see water below that also leaves you vapors. If IE is almost without water, you put the fire at the lowest and you do it over it. This way you will leave it to your liking until your rice is ready. Because of the herbs and onions, this rice gets so rich aroma that you really have to eat little. The best thing is when you keep and cool down and melt even more in a bowl of flavours. I always use basmati rice and that of better brands since rice is reasonably sensitive I did not succeed in making any kind. So I’m done with experiments and I just stick with that I always succeeded. This is really something I can say I get nowhere except with me mother and when I make it.

Tip, you can cut p. p a larger onion on rings that then add baking pepper and salt and if you don’t mind your meal a bit of messing up just before the onions are ready you still sprinkle them on the fire with a little granulated sugar.To let it caramelize. Is also a very budget friendly dish. You can use sweet onions for the onion then you have some special flavours on the table. You don’t need to let the onions caramelize you can also use with a little Australian ginger syrup really very little of it. If you like unique tastes this really gets a dish for you on the table. This last addition was an innovation of mine is not true of me mother.


My mams always made garlic potatoes with cream and cheese from the oven there was never enough of it.

Cheese ragout

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