Which designs, despite a good idea, were a fall a day?

Here is a collection of some designs that should never have existed!

Of course she will say yes!!

A medal of the marriage proposal?A good idea…. However, implementation failed. Unfortunately, technical refinements such as Photoshop have been ignored.

Um yes… Please, don’t.

The chain trailer quickly took on a completely different meaning.

Cute cake.

As long as you don’t turn it around.

Who wants to spread their secret messages with this USB stick?

Not everything should be on a flag.

This is a wasp.

The place with probably the best view!

Sometimes it’s just the combination that’s not right…

Something is wrong here… I imagined waste separation to be more and more straightforward.

END children“?

Where do I log in?

Also gives “finger licking” a completely newmeaning.

Very interesting choice of Halloween decoration of an old people’s home.

This certainly energises the inhabitants!

So many other “EXPERIENCE” that could have been highlighted … Why, of all things?


A peephole in the glass door?

Safe is safe!

The Harry Potter – Starbucks!

A solar-powered parking machine. Great idea… Or not.

Perhaps the lamp on the wall gives the vending machine a little more power.

I would say a serious word to the designers about this bottle for children!

“I can’t fall asleep without night light.”

He looks pretty happy… After all, it only comes oncea year.

With this girl drinking bottle someone probably had a completely different thought!

As long as Winnie is happy…

These are my favourites.

Maybe I’ll update the list when interesting pictures run over me!

Thank you for reading!

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