Which culinary trends can’t you take away from?

Thank you for the request.I try to answer that spontaneously.

Generally, I don’t have to deal with trends, I eat what I like in the amount I want.(This is still relevant below.) All these cooking trends, such as fashion in the … Uh… Fashion and in music, basically pass me by the A****.Which does not necessarily mean that there is nothing I do not like.

The first (New German first) that spontaneously came to my mind was molecular cuisine, which Hans-Peter already mentioned.Almost the silicone of the culinary art. No. I love cookbooks and can look at the photos in them for hours and imagine how it might taste. This doesn’t really work with test tubes.

Desserts in disposable glass.Let’s do it, for me. But what can that tell me?

The greeting from the kitchen.In the end, I pay for it. If the chef wants to come to my table and we grab a bit, well, but that’s over-candidate,as my mother would say.The ouzo or grappa, umeshu or sake at the end, on the other hand, I can definitely gain something. (delicious)

Show kitchen.

Premium Burgers, crepes, health insurance … Contrary to popular belief, class society is not dissolved, but differentiated and has covered all aspects of private life.(This is not, of course, about food per se, but about the normative power of the factual that bothers me.) I like burgers in themselves, and I really appreciate it when at least a few of the 50 hair salons in my neighborhood switch to burgers, but why all burgers, within three weeks?

The service comes to the table and explains the food … Can he do it when I have arranged to eat with him.He interrupts our conversation.

If a shop offers a “soup“, I’m actually already out.There is nothing about an honest soup.When did this happen that people think small portions are good and therefore no longer hide shamefully?

Frankfurt.A premium burger shop is on the way. Three months later, there are 17 premium burger shops on your street. A year later, a Vietnamese man sets off in a bankrupt premium burger shop. The store is going well. Half a year later, the Pho vendors are stacking up in your neighborhood, often in the same rooms that previously offered burgers, sorry: premium burgers, and in some cases they are the same owners.

In the non-so-premium area, we then have Indian food that secures themselves by offering everything that has ever been made of food anywhere on Earth.

Some New German so-called “creatives” talk about off-the-cuff dishes, which they learned two days before, as if they had grown up with them.I would like to say: as if it were the most normal thing in the world, but no: as if it were the most normal thing in the world for them.

In principle, I try everything.Most of the time I also like it (in terms of taste, it often has a reason for something to become a trend). It is mainly the wwed for new things that annoys me, i.e. not the content of any trends, but the social aspect of trend.

Fine pinks, which want to represent even finer pinks, my age would probably rub my nose now.

Admittedly, Frankfurt is extreme.I’ve never seen food, cooking, gastronomy so inflated before.

In G枚ttingen, where I studied, there is (hopefully still) a Greek who offers “Schessula”. A large shovel filled with meat 鈥?gyros, fried veal, sheep and goat meat, kidneys, hearts… everything Greece can offer in terms of meat preparation.A basic food, my father would probably say. You get exactly what is written on the map in simple words. Without frills. And at the end it’s ouzo (which you need). All this at a price for which you get an appetizer in Frankfurt 鈥?”moderately calculated” (or “priced” to separate event magazine German).

That would be a trend I would like to indulge in.

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