Which country would you never want to visit and why?

There are quite a few countries that I do not want to visit: I am married to a man (AM myself also a man) and there are a lot of countries where loving someone of the same sex is punishable or otherwise dangerous. For more information:

In 72 countries worldwide, homosexuality is still punishable

As far as I am concerned, the position of homosexuality in a country is an easily true gauge of civilization in a more general sense.It is often hand-in-hand with the degree of respect for women, other races, other religions, people with disabilities and all sorts of other minorities.

Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalie, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Why?Because I am an atheist and do not need to get the death penalty imposed. I would like to see every square metre on earth, there are only governments and religions that do not allow me, because I am atheist. In addition, for religious reasons, I am also denied access to many places because I am a woman and religions find it dirty, because of menstruations.

Never is a big word, but I would be very careful with countries with a weak legal system.I would avoid as much as possible countries that have the death penalty or no strict separation of powers.

In such countries it is perfectly possible that someone puts some cocaine in your pocket, then sends the police to you, who will immediately play for court and you lose the rest of your life, if you do not get the death penalty.

Again: Never is a very big word, but I would be very careful in those countries anyway.We find the separation of powers and getting a more or less fair trial no more than normal, but in many countries you will not get a fair trial.

‘, ‘ Basically I want to visit every country.If there are things to see that I would like to visit why should I be hampering by an idiotic law or a despot like Erdogan or Putin? Well, you can just like a vegetarian who has decided (promised? To whom?) Never eat meat again, decide that you do not want to support a certain regime, but as long as it is not done by millions of people, such a gesture is pointless, just as the impact of vegetarianism is negligible because it is only due to so few people Professed. It is therefore primarily a personal matter of principle; You have to make that balance yourself. But it makes the choice easier if you can say: ‘ Good: Turkey and Russia are in any case off. ‘ Maybe it opens your mind to other directions and you may discover in that way the magnificent nature of Finland or the cliff monasteries of Greece. In fact, countries with despots in the regime are less popular. Even when Trump came to the reign, the number of tourists plummet to the US.
As an Israeli citizen, for me there are a number of countries: the famous list of Islamic countries in North Africa and the Middle East plus Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.So it is not that I am not interested in those countries; Those countries are not interested in me, in my interest and my money. Many Israelis use another passport to travel there anyway. I would not feel at ease in such a case, and holiday is not meant for that. As said: There are plenty of other beautiful places.
For me there is another reason not to travel too far: I try to make my carbon footprint as small as possible.Yes, that too is a loos gesture, just like vegetarianism and no wrong regimes visit. I have therefore decided that I do not need to see the Amazon forest, as well as China, India, Thailand and Japan, I have left, to mention a few examples. I have to say that such an idea works liberating, because the pressure to travel is so great nowadays. Travel may be best healthy for the head, but how healthy is it actually? Has this been sorted out? And shouldn’t you turn it around: how healthy is it for all those places that are suffused by tourists?
Those are all questions I set myself up before booking a holiday.I feel fine at ease in Europe, preferably ‘ off the beaten track. ‘ It is a beautiful continent and there is still so much to see.

“,” Venezuela.Too much political instability and crime.

Muslim countries, I am a woman so I am not going to visit those countries.

Ilha da Queimada Grande,

Seems to me a risk to human health

Belarus.Not to be one or the other but I would not know why I would like to go there.

All countries that have huge strands of legal systems and countries with at that time problems I may be all countries England is top just not with Brexit at the moment

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