Which country symbolizes your personality best and why?

I would say that I was really in the Netherlands.

Of course I have not lived in many countries, but in the Netherlands I felt something that forced me to stay.

I love the contrast, freedom and traditions.

The structure and control, and the open mind.It all fits my personality.

I am very Dutch.I only really know that now I live abroad. But in a lot of respects, the Dutch are too cool for me.

I’ve been to Crete and that was coming home for me.The people are so incredibly cordial, even though they see you for the first time. And once you have es bought something in a store and you walk along then it is “Hee header and how was it yesterday and what are you going to do today and what a nice bag you have with you.” Great.

That suits me.Great gestures, friendly to everyone, not so hard to do, embrace people and not keep on a distance.

My second home.I would have liked to live there. But yeah, I live in America now and I miss my guys haha. If I’m back in two years I won’t go away! Not even to my lovely Crete, except maybe on holiday:)

The Kingdom of Tonga.

It consists of 177 islands, of which only 35 are permanently inhabited.

Complex-Adventurous a lot to discover yet!That’s about the outside, the people who live there, that’s really my inside. Welcoming, happy and the way of being in life, suits me completely. You live a day. Celebrate it and enjoy it, but also work hard for your friends/family, then you will be rewarded.
Simple, but not easy!You harvest what you sow!

Of course sounds a bit stupid, but when I see images of it, I hear in my head a little voice ‘ there we come from! ‘

Whether that is so, no idea.Am I going to visit it someday? I hope it succeeds, but it’s not a dying wish. Eventually I always come from where I want to be, so if that’s one of the islands, that will certainly happen. I’m just Jack Sparrow with his compass. It doesn’t show North and south, it shows me where I prefer to go. If that one day becomes Tonga, then I will be there.

It will undoubtedly sound like a clich茅, but my homeland, Belgium, is-totally unexpected of course-the country that best symbolizes my personality.Although it is a totally artificial country, Belgium is also authentic.
Divided, but also matured at the intersection of Romanesque and Germanic culture, we have a Burgundian, playful, laissez-faire, laissez-passer nature: An expression of our Romanesque side; But also a sober, hard, somewhat grumpy setting of a German, when it comes to working.
I do like what Surrealism and embrace the compromise to avoid too heavy conflicts, a trait that is undoubtedly formed by the many battles that others came to fight in our regions and which gradually became a mentality.
Many call to make this unicum burst, but they will be the first to come back to the time when they were complete with sadness.

Israel.Small, multicultural, passion for antiquity and cooking, diverse, feministic, always willing to defend Mezelt.

There are two: the sober I have of the Netherlands and the procrastination of Brazil.

Let that be n脙 漏 t the countries where my parents come from…

I think that will be Iceland or Denmark.The fair logic there.

Netherlands, lived in several countries, but feel the most 芒 鈧?虄home芒 鈧劉.I love clarity and everything is clear to me here.

‘, ‘ I don’t think there is such a country, Cornelis.I am also very complicated in each other. Am also not so very explicit about that.

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