Which country has the most bizarre historical background in the world?

I can’t choose all countries because there are many, but I choose this nation.

The Vietnamese have only been known as the Poles of Asia for many reasons in recent years.

But, of course, few people can understand why such a small Asian country is compared to the Poles, who have a larger and more heroic history in Europe.

I have my reasons for this decision;

  1. It was one of the most fearsome countries in the history of the Asian continent.

In the past, Vietnam fought against many different types of invaders, especially against the Chinese, but also against the Laotians, Mongols, Thais, Japanese, French and Khmer. Because of their war records, even powerful Burma did not dare to fight them. China had to prepare for all wars against Vietnam, knowing that it would not end well for them.

  • What was less well known, however, is that Vietnam was also a powerful conqueror.
  • At the height of the Ly Dynasty, they conquered southern China for a year before the economic core of the Song Dynasty, which began with the fall of Song China, was completely destroyed. The early Le dynasty ruled most of southern China, consisting of Guangxi and Guangdong. Later Vietnam invaded and ruled in a short time in Laos, Cambodia, northern Thailand and eastern Burma, destroying Champa and forcing her to submit to the Malaysian kingdoms.

  • The Vietnamese people have provided not only for their ancient culture, one of the oldest in the world, but also for foreign history.
  • Korean history shows how the Lee tribe from Vietnam fended off Mongolian invaders. Thai history witnessed a great Vietnamese-Chinese king, Taksin, repelling Burmese invaders and rebuilding Siamese. Today’s Forbidden City in Beijing was designed by a Vietnamese man. Vietnamese culture was also highly valued in medieval Korea. Vietnamese abroad joined forces to form their first independence coalition and in 1919 sent a delegation to Versailles demanding independence, which no other colony would do. Vietnam was also the first Japanese colony to rise and ignite dissent at the end of World War II, without the support of the Allies, anti-Japanese unrest that ended Japanese imperialism. Vietnam was the first colonial army of modern times to retake the French army and contribute to anti-colonial unrest in Africa and Asia.

  • Vietnam has also been invaded and occupied, brutally treated by many powers, but as long as the Vietnamese retain their deep national roots, they have never lost.
  • The Chinese tried to destroy them by burning their history books, carrying out raids and killing their race, they failed. The French tried to plunder them and repressed them through prison sentences, they failed. The Khmer tried to enslave Vietnamese, and that went wrong. The Japanese starved the Vietnamese and killed 1.5 million of them, they were “thrown out” of Vietnam. The Mongols tried three times to invade Vietnam and even destroyed much of the country. However, they failed when the army was completely destroyed.

    I am not a fan of the government and the Communists as I see it.But I admire the country and its people very much for the long survival of their nation.

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