Which country did it better after World War II, Japan or Germany?

I would see this in two parts, in the beginning the Japanese certainly pulled themselves out of the affair better, but it was also easier, because the crimes in The Manchuria and the complete ignorance of the Hague Land War Order did not weigh as much as the mass murder of those in the U.S. has appropriately effective lobby groups.I think that the Chinese most affected by the Japanese then and now in the United States do not and did not have such strong lobby groups. A very important reason, however, was that the American commander MacArthur was very impressed by the Japanese and their old culture, so that he held his hand protectively over Japan and so, for example, the main war criminal, the Japanese emperor (now no one needs to explain to me that he as head, he could not have put an end to the activities of his military if he had only wanted to….) personally on the grounds that a replacement of the Japanese emperor in the country would cause such chaos and would completely oppose the U.S. occupiers, which was no longer allowed in the ongoing cold war.

In the long run, however, the Japanese have not really made peace with any of their victims and achieved real reconciliation, which is why it will be very interesting with the rising China, but also with Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.bills are still open….

… By the way, I still have the face and the saying of a Japanese business partner of my father in front of the concentration camp memorial in Dachau in my ears: “You Germans are a perverted people, we did something like the same in Japan, but we would not be so stupid, but our shame is to ever set a monument……”The verdict on this saying is left to everyone….

We have created a modus vivendi with our neighbours, especially our ‘heritage enemy’, France, which, on our part, will not unleash such a conflict so quickly.We only have to be careful, if the counterproductive demands of the Poles do not fall silent, this could become a boomerang for all of us, even for the Poles, if the main victim Russia makes us a bill analogous to Poland….that would then also be Poland….that would then also be Poland probably harm, but whether that will be overrun there I doubt at the moment. Because such a demand could make us quite incapacitated and whether the USA wants to engage accordingly in Poland, stands in the stars, but 1944/45 was in any case little willingness to recognize …. And Trump isn’t necessarily giving hope now. Incidentally, I am also thinking of all the other outstanding reconciliation processes in the world, when our process shows everyone else that no real reconciliation is desired, but that the Nazi card, such as the Greeks, but also, in some cases, the Czechs and sometimes also the Italians (By the way, where does the name fascism actually come from and who actually started with it….. *grÁúČbel*) always draws when once again is incapable of budgeting with his money or you just want to rally the people around you again populistally , (perhaps to distract from a few small own corruptions, etc.) then this will not motivate anyone else to seek real reconciliation. Nevertheless, the hope that our reconciliation process has now created almost 80 years of peace and prosperity with manageable tensions is dying, and that it will hopefully continue for at least another period of time.

We will see how this develops around Japan, so I find it really difficult to make a final judgment.

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