Which cooking programme on television do you like best and why?

I haven’t actually been watching TV for a long time.

If I want to look at something then I watch online via Netflix because I can choose exactly what I like, and I don’t have to worry about annoying advertising interruptions and brainwashing for some product that supposedly ohhhhhh-so-good works , but so many times in a day time is shown to convince a man that it does what it promised.

But well, that’s not an answer to your question now.

Now comes the essential part: I used to be watching TV and I was able to enjoy several cooking programs, although I don’t love cooking.

I sometimes have a bevliegations that give me meaning to try something new in the kitchen once, but my hobbies still prefer.

Over time my interest has started to grow.My mother has always been the one who had an interest in cooking and was keen to work on it.

I have to say, I was bored then too and cooking programs were actually one of the few fascinating and refreshing things I got to see on TV.

Several programs I have watched were those of the following chefs:

Jamie Oliver (British chef)

Nigella (British Kokkin)

Bill Granger (Australian chef)

Gordon Ramsay (British chef)

Jeroen Meus (local Flemish chef)

Sofie Dumont (local Flemish chef)

Wim Ballieu (local Flemish chef)

In the past I really liked to look at Bill Granger and our local Flemish chefs.They may not be so known abroad, but what they do, they do very well.

Bill Granger simply has a soothing effect on me and his recipes were refreshingly fun and doable (perhaps because nicely fits my way of cooking but with that little bit more).

Especially Jeroen Meus & Sofie Dumont Cooking in a very ordinary down-to-earth way.

Sofie Dumont is a mommy, and so also cooks like a real mama (I always found it fine to her).

Note, apparently there are 2 cooks who are called Bill (I had first been mistaken and thought it was about Bill Sewell, but it’s about Bill Granger, a blond Australian TV cook).

Bill Granger

I like his style because he often incorporates fish into his dishes and it can look pretty damn good.

For me it has always been difficult to find fish attractive or tasty, but he manages to make it look appetizing.

What I particularly like about him is that he is able to transform a very simple dish into a refined whole.

It seems like it is coming from a cozy eatable.

He can give his dishes a neat touch, without him having to take care of it (he also talks quietly) and let’s face it, that man is damn handsome (haha).

I found him really chill to watch.

Should I choose someone to learn to cook better, I would let him do it.

Moroccan Fish Stew

Chickpea stew with tomatoes and green chilli

P.S. I forgot to mention that my family used to be quite a fan of such a show where 2 groups took it against each other to win a cooking contest (that program they have been broadcasting for 10 years on the BBC and I hate , but in the end I found it also interesting to look at)

I can still remember the torture.

I am SO glad I have my own PC and connection and can see what I want.

The program “Inside Out” I find the nicest cooking program.

There are four chefs, sometimes with a sommelier. There is also a culinary author (Zerouali).

The advantage of inner outer is the versatility of the program:

Cooking is interrupted by nature (forest Guards, birdwatchers), houses and gardens (gardeners, restorers, residents).

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