Which company acts morally objectionable, brings damage to society and would you prefer to see closed today than tomorrow? Why?

That is a very very easy answer.

Two companies meet these two rules.

Audi/VW/Porsche.The Diesel scandal is absolutely unforgibable. My wife and I drove all two cars from this company. I drove an Audi A6 Diesel and my wife a VW Toureg. As soon as it is clear how incredibly illegal this company has gone has sold my Audi and bought a Tesla. My wife has her VW yet, but that also comes to an end. We NEVER buy a car from this company again. As consumers, we have an obligation to draw a line in the sand against this kind of corporate behaviour. For us, VW/Audi/Porsche has gone very far.

The second company is a bank in America, Wells Fargo, I call them a criminal cabal.Dezxe Bank opened accounts for especially poor people without asking their permission and charted those lazy than for that extra account. Theft! I realized then that as you robs a bank, you get 25 years to life in jail. If a bank robs your chalk the senrior agglut a salary increase. We had ALL our accounts with this bank with a reasonable amount of investment. We have taken everything off and went to EA smaller regional bank. Never again with Wells Fargo banks.

There are other examples, but these two companies 芒 鈧?艙got Away芒 鈧劉 with incredibly criminal behavior and as a consumer we have to blame them otherwise it never changes anything.The only thing they understand is losing money and Iok is going to do my utmost to make that true for these two companies.

Lol then you say goodbye to the whole business because the only thing that all the big companies are out of is making profits mostly at the expense of people and nature.Would not mind if the multinationals headed under problem is the further because in order to make everything sustainable and respectful at once is difficult. You are also sitting with humans who are rather lazy than tired. Word still sat plastic Enzo used people do not separate their waste so in the ordinary man it will also have to change. Make great success with your fellow human being environmentally conscious.

Not 1 specific company, but rather a specific industry, namely recruitment agencies.

There are people who want to earn a lot of money on your back, without having to understand the content of your own.And without taking responsibility anywhere.

Most of them also work fairly aggressively in terms of approach and contracting.

The only reason why this market still exists (and has come to an Uber) is the convenience of companies.Plus that they heavily overestimate the value/skills of recruitment (Bureau) s.

It would be a relief if companies would just do business directly with the people they hire.Is better for the company (cheaper), and better for the one who is hired (it does not cut off the fare).

The added value of a recruitment agency is actually 0.

No.Because worse than any company, governments that want to regulate, nationalize or close companies. The goal never sanctify the plea. (Compulsion is slavery.)

Letting a company close is easy: just don’t buy their products or services anymore.Simple. Boycotts that trade.

If too few people boycott the company to force it to change, then that means you have too few supporters.Unfortunately peanut butter. Deal with it. However, just like any other individual, you retain the freedom to boycott it individually.

Despite too few supporters by compulsion , you supposedly personally drive 芒 鈧?虄morele芒 鈧劉 sentence, is dictatorial and thus despicable.

The Food Convoy (sometimes United Food Concepts).

This company has been lighting entrepreneurs for years, not paying out its suppliers.The company is known as a party that is not to be trusted and where it is better not to join the sea. Yet they are given the opportunity to achieve turnover with ignorant entrepreneurs, which they then dupe by not paying them out.

The company has been losing its owner’s inscience for years, and yet the company continues to survive.Incomprehensible.

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