Which Christmas gift would you really make happy? Can you explain why?

Hmmm, I think friends looking back who live far away would make me the happiest.It is a part of life that suddenly the people you are very familiar with suddenly live on all the continents of the Earth. That’s a problem for someone like me who doesn’t like traveling. A teleportationmachine?

I am in a phase of my life that ‘ stuff ‘ is more obvious than to add any new things.I have everything I need-and a lot more that once seemed desirable.

Yet people still succeed in making me happy with a present.Today, December 20, is coincidentally my birthday. I’ve already had some nice presents. A book, a fountain pen, another book, a pot pre-and aftershave of a luxury brand that I don’t want to pay myself. All things that show that people have really thought about what I would like.

We already have the beautiful tradition of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands in early December.The patron saint of Amsterdam, of children, sailors, merchant and thieves. This is for gifts, for sweets and for fun.

Christmas is another story.Christmas is one of the light festivals, with which peoples celebrate the return of more light and thus of life. We do this in the west by celebrating the birth of a baby boy, who came to the Middle East in the world about 2022 years ago. New life, New Hope, new light. As humanity, we remind ourselves that we can always start again.

So that would be the most beautiful Christmas present for me: that we, as people, return from the edge of the abyss in time, in which we are not so much threatening to destroy life on earth and the conditions that are necessary for people.

I needed a while to be able to find an answer to this, because I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed, but now I can say with 100% certainty that I would like to have a full * spa treatment in a health resort, SO that I may be reborn and revamped Could feel.

This is because I have been sick for so long and spent a lot of time at home, and I have come to feel like a worn and dirty garment in time (it is quite roughly expressed, but it really feels like that).

A spa treatment would then be comparable to a solid wash and refreshing the color of the worn garment so that it will look fresh again.

I want to be able to feel beautiful, attractive and healthy, and a spa treatment (in a health resort) could get this done.

For now I can only dream of it, because it is costly!:)

* Mud bath, steambath, hot tub, infrared therapy, massage

I don’t like presents unless I know what it is I’ve always found it so impersonal.

I do like to be entertained with outings, or something active.

So when you send me a weekend with Christmas, to eg.Munich, whether we’re all barbecued in a nice location, or the game I’ve asked you to buy for me, I’d love that.


It will be a gift that you always keep up with, you have a reminder of it forever.And that is the intention of a Christmas present.

I’m almost all my presents from 5 years ago, as good as what I forgot…

… except if the games were of course 鈽猴笍

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