Which cheese is your favorite? What do you like to combine?

I can understand Sebastian all too well-although I prefer the somewhat stronger Danablue over Roquefort.

But what beats old-really old-Parmesaan?Sun Yellow, flaky, with a very strong flavour:

As a child I have lived in southern France for several years (Nice) and we went shopping just across the border, in Ventimiglia (Pay in Lira!). There you had such a wonderful shop, which still exists I think, with large open cut Parmesan cheese, smoked Parma ham, and great salami!

It looked something like this:

Haaa-La dolce vita!!

I never have one favorite.

That is so limiting and just not fun. There are several cheeses that you can eat in different ways and in combination with different things.

I love very fine, soft Feta cheese.’ No, but bigger though! ‘ I should always say to our Turkish grocery store sir. ‘ It’s about to be fought at home! ‘
He always has very nice pieces there, but I also buy them in cans, in the summer holidays for example.Then I know I have the time to eat that and I take some more so that my son and I can enjoy it! Hmmm!

A real buffalo-mozzarella, you can also make me very happy with it!

I prefer to eat it, some salt and pepper, fresh basil and delicious olive oil on it.

Then there is Chevre, soft goat cheese without the crust.

Delicious such a kid-I can also just so loose on food. My grandmother always bought this when she lived in France:

What was my sandwiches in the morning!

The location was also wonderful, that will have helped fix!

Old cheese with a glass of red wine!Ooo last I was at the cheese farmer and there was a gigantic piece. My eyes were going to shine it said my husband. Haha, yes I have if I want to have something. Then I get sparkles in my eyes.
This was a ‘ rugged ‘ old cheese!That friend cost 14 euros! Not normal!
I bought it from my own pocket money and eaten together (I much more than he) with Grandpa Peach.Grandpa Peach loves like me a lot of cheese which is very salty and crumbling! Crazy hangover!

I like to try something different every time, at the cheese farmer you can taste nice pieces so I like to come:D Once in so many months I buy a lot, I find it very pricey and I think it should also just be nice and tasty and stay a little special!

Another one that I find very nice with a glass of wine and a few olives (o Let’s not start over there-I also eat very much like olive!) Manchego!

I do not have anything to do with mold cheeses.

I’ll try it though. I had last Roquefort for a cheese fondue (I’d rather make it myself)-through it I find delicious but I had a bit like that and my association was car tires floating in the sea. No, not tasty. (Yes my associations are often strange! ;))

I am convinced that my Cheese Discovery Tour is far from over, so the list will undoubtedly be longer!


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