Which character from Greek, Norwegian, Asian or other mythology would be most interesting to meet?

Loki, without a doubt.He is not bad in SE. He is a victim of the rules of blood Brotherhood, honor, revenge and loyalty. He is also the only God we can assume was his mother Goddess and his father giant. In addition, the name of his parents suggests that his interfiguration occurred during a rape. His father Farbauti-the wild or distant pitcher, which is regarded as a recognition for lightning.-begets a child at Nal (needle) or (Laufey) the foliage. And that child is obviously a fire. Loki becomes God of fire. His 2 brothers also have names referring to wildfires (Helblindi and BYLEISTR). Since in many ancient cultures a rapist could fbuy himself from his crime by marrying the victim and as several children came out of this commitment that could be the case here. However, his mother will have had a low status by marriage. In Other texts It is suggested that it is not done that a goddess connects himself to a giant, a god with a giantess was not a problem (the patriarchal society clearly schemates here) All this does not seem to really suggest that Loki is a happy Youth had. But he was very clever and out of necessity became cunning. If he then finds Odin whose father was a god (Bor) and mother a goddess (Bestla), he meets a spiritual relative, a kind of pattern from the good side of the universe. By becoming blood brethren, there is now also pure divine blood flowing through Lokis veins and increases its status. According to one of the stories about the creation of man, he (as Lodur) is one of the creators of Man.

Odin uses very little curses the special qualities of Loki and that use evolves into an abuse.Loki has to solve certain problems under threats and does this as well. On the other hand, Loki is also trying to keep the rules of honor high by being able to speak, even if that word was forcibly (iduns kidnapping for example) at a certain moment those 2 sides conflict and takes Loki revenge for the abuses by The murder of Balder. The real motive for the murder remains unclear to us. It seems like a pointless deed. But some older texts and 19th century interpretations seem to be sugging than Odin has berained the murder itself, either to insure that his offspring Ragnarok will survive. Tjokk is traditionally regarded as a transformationof Loki but could also be an Odin. At that moment, Loki is opposed to the gods. He is the necessary antithesis of Odin and instrumental in renewing a world that has become corrupt in his attempts to save himself. Odin who is Knower knows this too. Is loki bad, or a devil? No, that is a Christian interpretation. He is rather a tormented person who thought between the gods to find a future. He relied on the principles of the given word and honor, but is forced to look for the boundaries of this. And when he is again disappointed, he decides that the whole world is corrupt and must disappear.

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