Which cars are rising in value?

Most cars, even if they are well maintained, lose value, but if you hold them long enough, some will go up far.

There are some that gain in value from the moment of purchase.My BMW Z8 has. The day I signed, there was a man in the lobby who was willing to pay me 25,000 dollars to step aside and let him buy it. These days, it’s worth about 1.5 times the price of 135,000 U.S. dollars, at 49,000 miles. It’s like being paid to drive with it.

If I could have kept the mileage below 1,000, it would be worth 2X MSRP or even more.But I don’t regret it. It may be a garage queen, but I drive her carefully. Below is a picture of it with 7 of my closest friends (my top right).

Other cars that appreciate it are limited edition Ferrari and Lamborghinis.The problem with Ferrari is that you have to be invited to get on the waiting list.

Historically, AC Cobra, Sunbeam Tiger (sold mine – with regret), Ford GT, Corvetes with limited production include the ZR-1 etc.to the cars that had a value without ever falling under the EIA specific selection criteria.

The trick is to find the car with a nationwide waiting list before the first one is delivered.Make a non-refundable deposit on this list (1-2,000 USD should be enough, but possibly more) and create a simple agreement stating that you are paying MSRP on the day it arrives, unseen. Dive deep into the car press.

I did the same with a Ford GT, and it got ugly, and the Ford dealer paid me 40,000 dollars to cancel the agreement two years later and let them keep the car.But this is a different story – here on Quora.

As far as immediate appreciation is concerned, this is not the case if there is even an unspoken vehicle on the property.So forget a test drive.

That’s what makes this picture (below) so special – there was nowhere in a BMW showroom that hadn’t been sold yet.BMW has no regrets, as the Ford dealer tried. The waiting list was larger than the entire planned production run before delivery of the 1st car. The 30-second commercial had to be pulled almost immediately.

But we packed 8 of them into the showroom of a dealer for a party, which we now call “8/8/08 8:08:08 Party”.This was a farewell party for us when we sent the 8 cars for Pebble Beach Car to California.

This photo was taken on 08.08.08 at 20:08:08 and the dealer (Classic BMW from Plano, Tx) gave 8 bottles of champagne to start the celebration of the pre-delivery.A few days later we flew to CA, picked them up from the San Mateo BMW dealership and had the time of our lives. First-class parking for these 8 + 24 Californian = 32 Z8. Then the 8 were shipped back to Texas.

The classic BMW sold each of its (about 16) parts, but quickly picked them up from the used car market, and now the dealer personally owns 12 pieces.I don’t think any of them are for sale – for now. But if so, it is likely to be well above the EIA of 18 years ago.

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