Which book written by two authors did you feel good?

I don’t want to faint or make a hand, but there are some good dictionaries, which I often use and which are written by two authors.

  • An English-Indonesian Dictionary by John M. Echols and Hassan Shadily (1976).

Ithaca: Cornell University.

  • An Indonesian-English Dictionary by John M. Echols and Hassan Shadily (2002).
  • Jakarta: Gramedia.

  • Javanese-English Dictionary by Rob van Albada and Th. Pigeaud (2007).
  • Leiden: KITLV.

  • Javaansch-Nederlandsch Hand dictionary by J.F.C. Gericke and T. Roorda (1901).
  • Amsterdam: Johannes Müller and Leiden: E.J. Brill.

  • Javanese English Dictionary by Stuart Robson and Singgih Wibisono (2002).
  • Singapore: Periplus.

  • English-Indonesian dictionary by Susi Arduman and Hein Steinhauer (2004).
  • Leiden: KITLV

  • Old Javanese-English Dictionary by P.J. Zoetmulder with the participation of S. Robson (1982).
  • Leiden: KITLV.

    Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user), I hope I have answered this question.

    Original question: which book written by two authors did you feel good?

    Few readers know that many bestsellers of successful thriller authors are not written by one, but by 20 authors.
    Suppose that John Grisham has a less year, yet a thriller of him will appear.

    It is almost impossible that he can deliver a fascinating book every year. His publisher has employed people, who control his style, word use, favorite plots as well as Grisham himself. If necessary, they can write a ‘ Grisham ‘ without any input from the author himself.

    Do not lose sight of the fact that we are very moderately informed about the publishing world.The concept if a book should be written by one author, still exists, but has evolved greatly.
    Polywriters are still there, but they are much better surrounded.Finally, it is about the final product and not the one who marketed the best-selling readers version. Authors such as Stephen King and Simenon, when they wrote their own work solo, are very rare. From both Simenon is the largest einzelgänger. Without exception, King mentions the names and contributions of its employees. Even father and son Dumas (‘ The Three Musketeers ‘) had already 20 students in the 19th century, recently graduated lawyers or teachers in the service to do research or contribute ideas.

    I myself find the cooperation Preston & Child often succeeded (e.g.’ Underground ‘). The couple Sjöwall and Wahlöö, Swedish crime writers, brought the genre to a noticeably higher level in the years 1960 and 1970 by not separating their storylines from social misstates.

    I have one novel in my house written by several authors “Good Omens” by Pratchett and Gaiman, but I find nothing.The only good books written by several authors are nonfiction or in the comics where you have fantastic duos such as: Goscinny and Uderzo (Asterix & Obelix), Morris and Goscinny (Lucky Luke), Tome and Janry (robbedoes), Rosinski and Van Hamme (Thorgal ), Lawrence and Lodewijk (Storm), Boogaard and Schippers (Sjef van Oekel), Le Tendre and Loisel (in search of the time bird), Bourgeon and Lacroix (cycle of Cyann), and certainly also Mœbius and Jodorowski (the Incal of the dark).

    ‘ The Good Psychopath Handbook for Success ‘ written by Kevin Dutton (researcher in the field of psychopathy and psychologist) and Andy McNab (former SAS soldier and prosocial psychopath).

    Interesting, helpful, humorous… Very nice to read.

    The holy book, the Holy Grail.Of Michael Baigent; Richard Leigh én (NO3) Henri Lincoln.

    Fascinating written non-fiction book on the Origins of the Holy Grail myth, but also politically religious intrigues in Europe by the last 20 centuries.

    It has clearly been one of the sources of the Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown.If you have read this book, the Da Vinci Code will suddenly contain much less surprises.

    ‘, ‘ ‘ Good Omens ‘ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

    “,” Nikki French-for me piece by Piece page turners

    The Horn of Midgard, Geschteven by Fletcher Pratt and Sprague de Camps.

    The last books in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan could not be finished by him.He died. Just before his death, he (along with his wife) turned Brandon Sanderson to finish it.

    Although it is written as much as possible in the style of Jordan, a slightly different tone and speed has come into being with the advent of Sanderson.

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