Which board games are not based on happiness?

A complete information board game is a board game where there is no hidden information and no fate determines what happens.

Example. A board game with hidden information is Stratego.This yields a lucky factor, for example, because you don’t know which pieces are a bomb. If you’re lucky, you can undo a bomb with your minor, but if you’re unlucky, you’ll first run a lieutenant.

Example. A board game with a lot is Backgammon.Dice are used to determine the moves. Also now you can speak of happiness if you throw high or double throws.

In addition to chess and checkers that practically everyone knows, my top 10 full-information board games are the following:

A complete list is difficult to give because there are a lot of full-information board games.

I wrote a book about Go (Play go. And Other Games with a Go Set.) And over Abalone (abalone.Guide to the original game, its variants, and other games.).Both books have in common that in addition to the game rules of the games mentioned, they also include game rules of variants and at least 10 other games that you can play on the respective board.

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