Which band/artist you think has been one of the most important in recent decades?

Wham!, ABBA, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Michael Jackson, etc etc, there are too many to mention.These artists-I can not think of it anymore-have released classics that are still well known today (believe me, I am 15 years old and know many people from my age circle who listen to music from-2000, just like me).

Most of today’s artists I don’t like and overrated, the music world starts to collapse with all those rap and ever worse pop songs.No thanks, just give me music from the years 80, please.

For me:

In addition to open doors like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones that put the music world upside down:

  • David Bowie, always an innovator and regiver of current trends in music.
  • Pink Floyd, magistal compositions!

I really can’t leave one. Who, in my opinion, should not be missing (random order):

  • Undoubtedly one of the greatest talents: Amy Winehouse.

What a fantastic voice. I refer mainly to Back to Black

  • Massive Attack: Came in early years 90 out of nowhere with a quite from a debut album (Blue Lines) at a time when especially solid rock swung the slice.
  • I still find it a wrong choice that they just came out for Blue Lines, they made themselves known to the world by first launching the single Daydreaming. Brilliant song, not of it, but had first launched the single Unfinished Sympathy, the shock wave in the music world had been much bigger. But anyway: I was as a long-haired teenager who vowed forever to rock and grunge, immediately sold. I am and stay fan. Think also of the indestructable Karma Coma.

  • The record Masters of Puppets and and Justice for all by Metallica should not be missed.
  • The Black Album may be that for my part though.

  • Radiohead didn’t know when Pablo Honey appeared, but was hugely charmed by the plate.
  • Still I find Creep annex not the best song. But it was a few years later that they released their best album with The Bands. Al was OK Computer almost as strong.

  • I also like to mention Joy Division as an eternal fan because for me it’s THE band I’d love to see evolve.
  • Unknown Pleasures I still find one of the best records of all time. Closer I keep on nurturing too.

  • Also only briefly exist, but Primorysolid: Nirvana.
  • Never before have I found a plate like Nevermind from the first listen so genius. Incesticide (the plate with the B-squares I listened at least as often. In Utero I find pieces less.

  • Also indispensable in every list: Pink Floyd.
  • I can’t get a bad song for the mind right away. But I notice that songs like the Shine on you Crazy diamond, keep me from hitting

  • After having stood on a waiting list for two months, I got the redeeming message yesterday asking me if I wanted another ticket for the second day of Rock Werchter, after some cancellations.
  • Two minutes later it was paid and I will finally see The Cure on June 28th. I have been waiting for more than fifteen years, if I am still in recording, I am allowed to “Meg” away with permission for an exception.

  • I can still easily continue to do so for a while, but I conclude with the best band of all time: The Doors.
  • I have discovered them on my fourteenth and have never stopped listening. I can’t get to another band that also dared to use so many different styles: jazz, rock, Blues are the most important ingredients. In the title number of the record the Soft Parade they even did that in a song. Also blissful and pieces better than the original on Plate: The live version of the song Not to Teach The Earth. On the plate, the tempo is too low for that number. I have no doubt that the live version is a correction of the original. The cover Glofia was also brought live sparkle. I own as far as I know everything The Doors have ever included in a studio. Also the Jam sessions whose band members did not know they were recorded.

    I apologize for the long answer.

    The Beatles, with head and shoulders remotely the best, musibalest, most creative etc especially thanks to Lennon/McCartney.


    The Verve

    Queens of the Stone Age

    There have been many important.Queen.

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