Which areas of Google Analytics are really exciting?

If you haven’t tried the features of GA in detail, you should get smart in the following.Google Analytics has long offered more than just website statistics and has long since established itself as an established SEO tool for online marketing measures.Convince yourself to be a bit better in the future.

As part of the various menus, Google offers numerous functions that are particularly valuable for the self-employed and small businesses.The information available for processing is manifold. In the following, we show some information that can significantly enhance your Internet business. In addition to the number of visitors, many other key figures are very valuable. A core rubric is Analytics Behavior.

  • Analytics Site Speed and Page Speed Insights

As mobile use increases, the loading speed of websites also comes into focus.In particular, in order to avoid pages having too long loading times, they can also be retrieved in detail and filtered according to various parameters. The variety of functions is most astonishing. If a company also wants to have more detailed information about the respective optimization possibilities, follow them in the “Page Speed Insights”. If you want to check individual pages directly with the subsequent output of reliable key figures, you can do this under Page Speed Insights.The analysis tool is, of course, well known in many places.

  • Website content

One of the most important areas of Google Analytics remains the area of website content.

Which landing pages are most successful? Which pages are not satisfied with readers? All these KPIs can be found under the section Website Content. Precise optimizations with regard to content can then also follow. Bad pages can be deleted or refreshed, good pages can be expanded.

  • “Google Analytics Publisher” for online advertising

A core part of the analysis at Google Analytics is the Publisher area.In this analysis area, each website of its own online presence can be judged in terms of your advertising effectiveness. Which sales could generate which page, what shares does the sales have in the total page turnover. In this area, Google offers all the metrics that are important in online marketing. CTR, Impressions, Clicks,Sales.All sizes can be broken down to any bottom. It’s not hard to see that these detail sizes and your ongoing capture will help make the value of your home page more valuable and significant every day with the corresponding adjustments. Google also offers the right options for appropriate testing.If the

  • “Google Analytics Conversions”

The conversions sector also offers SMEs numerous opportunities to better understand the effectiveness of individual pages.This information is particularly important in terms of customer attraction and conversion power. If necessary, these can be used and provide a better insight into the online marketing practice. Especially if targets such as page views or the like are to be better observed, this area helps further. Ambitious

  • Google Analytics Audience

The Google Analytics target group provides information about the development of individual target groups.The offer of cohort analysis is particularly revealing. This will show you if your site has the potential to attract new users. In the best case, your site will generate recurring visitors after a few days. The cohort analysis also shows whether the quality of your site is sufficient to tie a regular customer for a long time. It is therefore a classic quality indicator.

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