Which are some of the most fascinating organisms?

If there were a righteous God, we, as the supposed coronation of creation, would be endowed with more qualities that would actually make us the crown.

For example, we would have a colorful skin or could change the skin color at will to impress females, and would not have to buy Porsches.We would have not only 3 photoreceptors in our eyes, but of those 12, and could see circular polarized light and throw a baseball into orbit.

Suddenly, we can’t, and when it comes to abilities minus brain use, the grains of creation look like this:

THAT’S a catch-cancer (I like the English term Mantis Shirmp iwie better)

The colors, presumably, also serve as a conversation with contemporaries.

The eyes are the white balls on top of the head.

Freely movable.

In addition to the previously mentioned circular polarized light, he also sees UV radiation and normal polarized light.Each of his eyes is divided into two parts, so he can look stereo with one eye, so he can perceive depths. What exactly does that mean? You don’t really know, no one can really imagine that. But must be quite interesting. Presumably, however, it can detect by the wavelength of the moonlight under water whether it is a full moon…

Even more to the eyes in English.

Mantis shrimp have the world’s best eyes 鈥?but why?

Presumably, the viechers can also recognize cancer cells (the disease is not the animal species)…

There are “spearers” and “bats”.

The spears have two front extremities, which allow them to skewer their prey.

The batsmen have a kind of ball at the top of the extremity with which they kill their prey.

With a top speed of 80km/h and a strike force of 1,500 Newtons.

The blow creates a kaviation bubble in the water, a super-hot bubble in the water.Up to 4,400 degrees Celsius hot. As hot as the sun. The collapse of the bubble creates a shock wave that can kill nearby animals. Cancer doesn’t even have to hit its victims…

The animals have a rather heated mind.And are not suitable as aquarium animals. You can smash normal aquarium glass with their “scissors”. alleged.

Due to a body’s own “shock absorber”, they do not break the extremities.Researchers are trying to build that.

They are older than the dinosaurs: 400 million years old.

They are partly monogamous and faithful: couples stay together for up to 20 years.

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