Which animated film Do you like the most beautiful?

I have three from which I can not choose.These are Spirited Away, Song of The Sea and Millennium Actress.

All three have a nice colour scheme, which is the first thing that stands out.SA chooses pastel shades, SotS especially for blue colors and MA for soft colors with red eye catchers. So they really have their own style.

Spirited Away:

Song of the Sea:

Millennium Actress:

Also in terms of character style, the directors of these films, Hayao Miyazaki, Tomm Moore and Satoshi could, respectively, have a really recognizable form, although you have seen only one film of them then you recognize a second right away.

And they are all equally beautiful, these are the better known but each of their films is a work of art (certainly also Paprika from Satoshi Kon, the inception before there was an inception, and certainly so good).

I find an animated film to have added value if it can print a story that is difficult to interpret to a live-action film.These films somehow blur the line between the actual, known world and something else, and the animation supports this without the appearance of a fake. I find them all the more beautiful because they have a good story, a story that is elevated by the animation.

Spirited Away and Song of the Sea have a truly beautiful, unique soundtrack.Millennium Actress has a very sparse, but that works in its favor.

Here the trailers of SA (unfortunately with American voices, which are somewhat more exaggerated and irritating that Japanese, but I could not find any other) and SotS:

Spirited Away-Official Trailer

Song of the Sea Official Trailer

For MA I could find something better than the trailer, the whole movie is on YouTube:

Millennium Actress with English Subtitle

It’s about a successful actress who is being interviewed at the end of her life about her career.Then she tells about a revolutionary who was haunted by the police in the 30s, which she has hidden. The interviewers are hit by this and they try to find out what happened to her and the man, but the actress is confusing her films and her real life, until you don’t remember or what you see her memories or her movies are.

They are all three recommendations!

I am a lover of animated films, also for adults.Animated films for adults often have a different style than animated films for children.

I like the animated film Loving Vincent which I have seen in the cinema over a year ago very nicely.As soon as this movie came out on home media, I bought both the Blu-ray and the DVD from it. On my computer I have no Blu-ray player, called a DVD player, therefore I bought both. I find these animated films so far the most beautiful.

Some critics say it is a gimmick and have no added value.Some of them go further and claim that 芒 鈧?虄wij芒 鈧劉 Van Gogh have to protect the popular culture. [1

I do not share these opinions.However, I must admit, if I had studied art history, I might have behaved like that.

On the other hand, this animated film is not disrespectful.On the contrary, the creators have tried to bring the paintings to life. In that respect it succeeded very well. The film is a nice homage to Vincent van Gogh and is also a work of art.


[1 We must rescue Van Gogh from becoming a pop culture clich茅

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