Where will the electricity come from in the future to charge the millions of electric cars that the government is calling for when coal power is shut down, when no wind blows at night and logically no sun shines?

Good question…? … … …

• Maybe nuclear power ?Beware, Greens lurk ! Maybe buy from France ?
• Make more pumped storage plants ?Beware, Greens lurk !
• Making tidal power plants ?Beware, Greens lurk !
• Make these air-water underwater storage facilities for wind caft plants at sea ?Beware, Greens lurk ! And it would cost a lot of money.
• All green areas, parking lots, roofs and streets in the cities (where they are most of the workplaces) are plastered with photovoltaics and charge the electric cars there during the day while people are at work ?Sun cells age, become weaker and need to be renewed regularly, so not so cheap in the long run. Their production still makes a lot of environmental pollution, and so does the disposal. Beware, Greens lurk !
• Pave streets in cities with sun cells ?It makes little sense, because of the traffic jams, especially when you would need the electricity, and because of the canyons…
• …
• …

• Drive and charge alternators with exercise bikes ?From a purely technical point of view, this would also be possible in offices, with sedentary employment, on the computer. But the trade unions would go to war, a general strike indefinitely.
• But, from a purely energetic point of view, one could then rather ride one’s bike to work.Take rain jacket and pants with you, and waterproof luggage box. In winter warm gloves. However, with long distances there would still be little time for the family and to sleep 🙁 . So it doesn’t work, at least not for an entire population.
• Also, to go shopping with a bike is not so easy, especially if it is ewas mountainous, like we here.So order over the Internet and then have it delivered to your home, even the food? This would completely destroy the retail trade and local farmers.
Personally, we prefer to give local people work and livelihoods here !
No Spanish fruits or vegetables that consume more chemical “phytosanitary” stuff than usual in the world.I am sorry for BASF and its workers and employees, but I will not buy glyphosate just to maintain the jobs. Also, we don’t buy anything that comes from Morocco.
But you are never sure where the goods really come from and what is in it.
My wife is president of the local food bank.They had bought mince steaks in good faith, with government help, and distributed them to poor people. Then it turned out that there is no meat in it, only fat, animal skin and dye. Only up to a large company in Poland can be followed – but apparently no one knows where the “starting material” for these “hack steaks” came from, nor what is in it.

• Back to oat motor ?In the past, there used to be shady avenues, potions, large stables, rings at the houses and perrons with steps in front of the houses to make it easier to sit up, but that has been over since the CAR parks, the necessary infrastructure no longer exists. Also Thurn and Taxis (but the term “taxis”) no longer exist, only the yellow color of the letterboxes reminds of it.
Travel times over long distances were also long.Some inns, even with room rentals, still remind you : “To the post office”.

• About fifty years ago, my (stray) father advised me to breed frost-resistant elephants: sometimes such will be necessary to carry large loads such as trucks and railway wagons.Hanibal had made it over the Alps himself, but with losses. Breeding new breeds ? “Breeding Back” on Mamuths ?
I hadn’t listened to my father, I didn’t do it.Bin Bauintschenjör, Bauigel.

Elephants… this could have been a good investment for my offspring.But with climate change, I might have bred a breed that is inappropriate for today and the future, then, would have “spoiled animal cruelty?

And also there, with animal drive caution, greens lurk !Because of animal exhaust gases, greenhouse effect, methane and CO2.

In summary: I have no solution in petto, is a real dilemma.

I’m sorry, I had to do something.All these problems seem to be related somehow…

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