Where, when and how did you find out what you wanted to be in life?

When I was 13 we were given a vocational selection test at school.

From my test came that I should be a technical writer (eg.Writing manuals and so on). I never got that. But, I like communicating, writing and also of engineering.

We also had to make a top-5 of professions that we would choose if we could choose everything.I chose:

  • Mathematical
  • Programmer
  • Inventor
  • Actor
  • Stuntman

You get, as a child, Willie was carrot from the Donald Duck my hero.I am now 50, I would not mind at all to carry out 1 of these professions!

However, I am not currently.I am a computer teacher at a technical school. Crazy enough it fits perfectly in the picture: I’m working on communicating (language) and also with computers. For the class you are also a little showmaster, so acting is also included. Stuntman unfortunately not (haha).

When I had to make a choice to go to study I found it very difficult.I had made a list of studies that I had to choose from:

  • Dutch
  • Mathematics
  • It
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

Eventually it became computer science, also under pressure from my parents, because it would be a good 芒 鈧?虄career-Keuze芒 鈧劉.I still doubt that. I think it’s more about how you handle your career how much you deserve it. There are also successful artists, and money is certainly not the main goal in life.

And so I graduated and became a prompt programmer.My problem (and that of many others) is that 99% of the code in the world is actually very boring. If you don’t like the challenge of making something like that, there’s little to it. Fixing Bugs is one of the most annoying things to do, but well that’s my opinion. Also, I noticed that I am too fickle for the life of a programmer, 40 hours or often more per week doing the code does not give me enough variety.

So I switched to teaching.Not because I could not program properly, though. 芒 鈧?艙Those who can do, those who can芒 鈧劉 t teach芒 鈧?is a ridiculous phrase that merely reflects how little appreciation we have for those who ultimately need to be better able to explain the matter to her fine.

Due to the environment at the Technical school I am still working with technique regularly, which I find very fascinating.In fact, I come to all my traits, which would not succeed me if I were to write manuals.

What I want to be in life?Old, because life itself is miraculous, and complicated, and I am still learning, how it is put together. Every day I can still discover new things, life continues to amaze me. And what I do in 芒 鈧?艙mijn芒 鈧?live, does not play a role, does not matter, I live

For some reason (probably through the lunar landings) I have been interested in childhood… so I wanted to become a professor and know everything about atoms, space, electricity…
But eventually ended up in software engineering.YEP, I’ve long dreamed of being allowed to edit CERN sometime…

Where: Veenkade 27 in The Hague.

When: About 1982.

How: by walking against it, getting started, and getting addicted to it.

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