— — Where is the interior or exterior of a 4D world. —— What is time, what is movement, what keeps it so stable at the speed of light and what causes the length contraction? What does it all ultimately have to do with the quantum of action?

— — Where is the interior or exterior of a 4D world.—— What is time, what is movement, what keeps it so stable at the speed of light and what causes the length contraction? What does it all ultimately have to do with the quantum of action?

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Nevertheless, remember, it is just an irrepressible feeling, more faith instead of knowledge. But the power of complacenity of bonitistic geometry is not based on faith, but results more from the high degree of agreement with reality, with which I reinterpreted most of the known scientific findings. And those should not be judged by a pure faith, out of the belly. therefore…

If one thinks specifically how the process of movement could ultimately be described in detail, then one comes across the phenomenon of the endless division of a track and then at some point has to decide to quantify the route once and for all, not to hang up in the nirvana of endlessness.That last possible step must therefore describe the smallest possible distance, but also the smallest possible time-duration, because one cannot divide the duration of time into endlessly smallest pieces, i.e. do not stretch endlessly to justify the phenomenon of time dilation.

So, you can’t contract routes or dilate time without contradicting the speed of light.The process of changing the length or duration can therefore only result from a reduction or an enlargement of both quantified sizes exist, these two sizes together I consider as Planck’s pixels. The distance and time then always change synchronously with the same mathematical signs, in which the corresponding pixels change the place, which we then ultimately understand as a movement.

So movement is just a change of position in space.Thus, no pixel disappears, but it is just somewhere else. For example, a pixel can slide from the X axis to the Y axis, reducing the distance on the X axis and increasing on the Y axis. So you have to imagine that only the amount of pixels changes, but never the pixel itself, because that is constant and that together results in the constant that we know as the speed of an effect.

Each effect emanates from a spatial point simultaneously in all directions and thus describes in space a spherical sphere of action, which I then consider as an object that moves.The effect is the curvature of the three dimensions we know into a fourth. Later I describe this as photon (light) and thus the movement of a point is also the speed of light. The light, as a photon, is the only one in the universe that can move at this speed, all other, lower speed are due to the mass, which I can only describe later. Thus, the photon is to be regarded as a general basic particle from which all objects of this universe consist.

And the photon is now the only thing that can move there and this circumstance is the reason for the only determining speed par excellence.Thus, the smallest possible path of an effect is determined by a path, which we ultimately always use mathematically as the radius of a circular function. Because every object is an sphere of action.

Nevertheless, the ratio of the circumference to the radius is mathematically a floatpoint size, whereas the radius itself can only be an integer positive Planck unit.Because a negative circle causes problems, especially with regard to the duration of the time required for this, which then has an akausal direction of movement. Because a process of movement can only be forward-looking.

From a three-dimensional point of view, a negative circle seems to me to be totally absurd and illogical, which I now call 3D logic.But a 4D logic allows a completely different perspective and then a negative circle is rather necessarily logical, because then there can be no real straight line, as we understand from the 3D point of view. Because the end of a straight line is then always twistedly connected with the beginning, as for example with the möbiusband of the painter Escher.

The 4th dimension of 4D logic is not the time coordinate, but an additional spatial dimension, which until now is considered to be a time-duration, but is not distinguished from the time-change, although from a scientific point of view it was a blatant error not to Distinguish.

The problem is that on the one hand the time-duration is a distance between two time-points and on the other hand, a point of it is no longer in the present, but in our memory as a past stored distance to the present.

From this point of view, the past point must not have any effect if it does not exist concretely in order to work.

But since there are real effects, it can now be concluded that the duration of time is only an ingenious illusion of the brain, which twists things so much that we do not have to think about it in order to understand it.As our brain already does, because real everything is on the head in the eye and our brain twists everything so that is always down where we feel it. And in the other case, there is always outside where we experience the present and inside is always the past direction from which we came. unintelligible???

  • When you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, you see the original point source at every point in your sphere of vision, i.e. from the inside.

And if you were at the bang now, you would only be able to look at it from the outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This reveals an absurd notion, but otherwise works superbly, if it is not thought too hard, because time is only a spatial curvature that is suitably shaped by your mind without having to understand it.Once you’ve seen that, you’ve got to realize that our brain can give us something really brilliant, which really exists as a spatial size, but we can’t capture it because of a lack of messages in the eye.

Therefore, the time-duration is not the time coordinate, but the substantial lyrically existing size that is necessary to characterize the space in order to be considered as an object of motion.It is a real spatial dimension, because all other dimensions are only virtual names in our memory. This additional spatial dimension now replaces the time duration and now allows the one-way freedom of the direction of the movement without contradiction. In this way, the actual time coordinate will now only determine the pixel of the desired spatial present, the dimension of which only functions as a counter of the present, which has only a chronodirectional freedom of movement.

This is not an unimaginable hypothetical assumption of me, but it was a compelling conclusion that came to me, which was determined exclusively mathematically and derived from the known geometric phenomena as well as from the academic evidence. Was.So the question arises, which direction of the movement or which change in mathematical quantities then describes this additional dimension obtained. Normally there should be no words for it, because we humans were not yet aware of 3D logically, in order to then define it. But there’s a complete misrepresentation, because we realize it really, but we don’t know because we didn’t realize the connection, that inside and outside are connected and our brains are spinning it for us so that we don’t have to understand how twisted the geometry is. , which surrounds us.

For the normal understanding, it is even more difficult that everything seems to be only at the 3D level.Because the first three coordinates of the 4D plane are the same as the 3D plane, just as a chair can be on the same X/Y coordinates as everyone else, but only one floor lower. So it seems to us that they are both in the same place and overlap or overlap. both are in a super position, so to speak. And we find such superpositions very concrete when we use the phenomenon of magnetic field lines for comparison. Something seems to be substantial in the same place, but not really here, where the material world reveals itself and presents itself in a crooked way. So you can now see, as already mentioned at the beginning, that obviously the end of a straight line is always twisted connected to the beginning or. is also connected to the outside inside. In addition, there is also the realization that the 4D plane represents the electromagnetic properties.


Thus the things of the 4D level also present themselves at the 3D level and we take some geometric alnesses and make natural laws out of it.For example, the four-dimensional can plausibly explain the things known as reflection without contradicting any academically based formula. Thus, the description also notices some amazing things, because one only has to realize that a point in the 3D sphere in the 4D sphere is exactly opposite 180°, but since the 4th dimension, like any other, is also arranged 90° orthogoally, you have to Turn the sphere quarters by 90° (green arrow) and then suddenly realize that the point in the 3D-Level presents the well-known law of reflection as: Angle of incidence equals failure angle.

The picture shows in the left circle a blue dot in the upper left quadrant, where this should indicate the beginning of a circle, the end of which was drawn separately here, as an arrow, we just can not see this here because we see perking the circle, which I consider to be the blue dashed line drew.

But actually the beginning and end of the same position is in space, but the point on both levels, like the chair just mentioned, is apparently separated.

But because the plane is rotated 90 degrees, the point and path appears in the upper right quadrant, as shown on the right image.So every movement, as in the left image, we see from the top left/outside running inward/right down, and then suddenly, after reaching the center, we experience a movement that runs high from the inside/left down to the right/outside. It all goes as if it had bounced off some invisible border. So in the upper semicircle the 4D plane is also reflected and therefore we experience everything as if there is no 4th dimension, which should clarify the question, what separates the two planes and why everything only seems to move or act in the 3D world.

If everything is now happening in the 3D plane, then it is also clear that the particle-wave dualism can only be attributed to a lack of differentiation of the way of looking at things, because the standard model looks at things separately, only from the 3D plane and also treats them in this way, unaware of the superposition.

The known formulas are not contradicted, but only lead to higher resolution and deeper insights.Such as the Planck formula E=hf, which then shows a clear connection to the movement, which now offers a four-dimensional space.This is where the separated time-duration comes into play as the depth of the curvature of space into the 4D plane, which I consider to be Planck’s pixel of a graphical line, with which I am a triangle-relationship of the effect quantum, the constant effect light speed and the circular function.

The quantum of action.
quantum of action is a constant in which all the misunderstood connections of physics are summarized in such a way that a practicable predictability of energy can be achieved without the need to understand things.But there is much more hidden in the Planck constant than previously thought, because it hides the relationship, which is also hidden in the formula E=mc2 as a square of the speed of light.Because the hypotenuse of a right-angled isosceles triangle is always .2 larger than the thighs.

Here in the picture is the frequency f the horizontal black cathete and the effect quantum h is then the vertical red cathete of the triangle.The blue hypotenuse then represents the speed of light * 2, because this is the natural starting size of an isosceles triangle of an actual sphere, as shown here in the upper right corner of the image. The mathematical correct relationship of this representation is already academically verifiable.

So if one of the cathets changes, but the hypotenuse must remain constant, then the other cathete must also change accordingly.

Thus a connection is formed because I then present as a circle, whereby then the absolutely unifying connections are difficult or difficult. are no longer recognizable at all. Because all the effects of the sphere of action originate, I now draw a line of movement on the black horizontal X-axis and the curvature into the 4D plane I present as a circle, because it is the simplest and unfortunately can be represented by Quora. And because I now understand the 4D plane electromagnetically, the degree of curvature is now also like to be an amplitude a curve, which always draw as a circle for program-technical reasons.

If you do not have much practice with such differential geometric perspectives then try to form the red circle with the mouse with this link of a 3D model.From the circle to the helix to the cosine arc and the sine curve, you can realize everything that we will ultimately consider to be a wave.

Now you see what relationship is associated with the red circle, frequency, effect quantum and speed of light.

For it is ultimately the electromagnetic wave, whose frequency can be derived from the spatial radius of its quantum of action, as an amplitude of the degree of curvature, which then describes a circle whose circumference will never contradict the speed of light.

The point in the center of the horizontal 3D plane, where the circle dives into the 4D plane, is the one you will perceive as a movement.Everything else you recognize only as electromagnetic wave and field lines bent to the known circle. But you will now also notice the spatial loss of the quantity, which then lead you to the formula E=mc2 and show the relationship to gravity and mass.

can only be understood logically if I start with the description of a photon.

Gravity is the consequence of space curvature.I recognize things in space exclusively as objects that move. These objects show their characteristic effect, as a point from which the three known dimensions (the 3D plane) are curved into another dimension (the 4D plane).

So let’s say again:

I only have the point and it moves always and ever at the speed of light.

!!!There is no more !!!

Other speed or other types of objects are just a mixture of this basic finding.Time is also involved in the speed, as well as the spatial direction of the movement. The obsolete model of contemplation of physics criminally ignores this, which will still turn out to be a serious error, because from this the mass and thus the long-sought gravitational interaction is completely unsubstantiated.

The said object is therefore a photon, the typical base model and it is a special marking of space, that is, what we understand as space curvature and thus justifies gravity.The complement of which is the space portion curved into the 4D plane, i.e. the electromagnetic.

I always illustrate this as a route or route.as a horizontal dimension (X axis) that is curved into another vertical dimension (Y axis). The curved is now on the Y axis and the distance of the X axis is shorter by the amount. But the curvature itself follows a circular function, which means that a radius determines the depth of this curvature. This is not clear and comprehensible for everyone, so I offer you here a link for a 3D model of differential geometry, where you can move the perspectives with the mouse and if you try to form the red circle there, then you see that a circle both can be represented as a sine wave as well as as a cosine arc. Nevertheless, it remains only a perspective of the course of a circular function. But if you don’t follow the link, you don’t need to read any more, because to understand why I draw a circle, it is essential to understand how the circle can also be a wave.

But the two ends of the horizontal black track of the X-axis will come ever closer, because the missing amount of curvature into the vertical red Y-axis will correspond to greater.And that Y-axis then represents the electromagnetic effect, whereby the X-axis then shows the gravitational effects.

Now you can see what bends the room, but i’m happy to overlook the fact that a small amount is taken from the entire room.

And that is what I now present as a great circle of the whole universe. This means that the more red circles are used, the more the black circle is reduced. The black circle thus represents the general gravity of the 3D plane and the object, on the other hand, has a spatially limited area of action with a more curved portion of space, which I call object gravity. At the same time, however, the electromagnetic complement of this object gravity has increased on the object at the 4D level and is now marked as a red circle.

However, since the whole thing already exists and does not have to arise first, as in the known scenario of the Big Bang mischief, all sizes are therefore statically fixed and only the objects move with them with their mobile object gravity of their 3D plane and their electromagnetic Shares of the 4D level.

Mass and matter.
A photon moves exclusively at the speed of light, because this is the only possible speed in this universe.

Other velocities are always only vectorial sums of matter whose inner particles orbit each other. A complex process of what I say in the article “Howdoes matter arise?” described.

Matter consists of more than one particle,
•xa0that move at the speed of light.

It does not matter how you want to call the particles or what properties they have, because it only depends on the plural, so there must be several particles, only then do the parts fulfill a relationship to each other, namely the direction of motion.

But those particles will orbit each other. In quantum theory, this structure is regarded as the cloud of the still undetermined probabilities.

If now the inner particles are influenced by electromagnetic or gravitational fields, then this can change the direction of the inner movements (blue arrows), so that the vectors of the inner particles form another sum in the direction and velocity ( red arrow) . Because the sum of the speed of several particles at a constant light speed is always smaller than the speed of light.And the direction of movement now determines how fast that will be.

Conclusion: “So, what is mass?

Mass is the vectorial sum of all the vector parameters involved of the inner particles of matter.It is a combined effect of movement and direction, which is particularly noticeable in a gravitational environment and thus resists the speed of light.

What is mass and why is it repeatedly confused with matter.

In short, mass is an effect in a field of gravity that prevents an object from moving at the speed of light.

The property of the mass can capture and calculate the standard model, but cannot yet explain it, because the connection has not yet been recognized, but it is agreed that the model of imagination is obviously not suitable for the problem. to solve it.This amount is therefore my very own interpretation of the known facts.

The first most important fact is that only matter has mass, and both are often equated.But on the one hand matter is the present object and on the other hand the mass is its future effect on movement in a gravitational field. Therefore, mass cannot be attractive because it is not a thing, but matter is the thing that is attractive.

Matter also has other effects besides mass, including the gravitational and thus also the electromagnetic, as well as the inner spin, whereby this is now again associated with movement, from which also the mass originates.There is therefore an inner movement, which must in any case represent a hindrance to the straight forward direction of the object. For a spin would certainly not be detectable if the inner directions of the movements all showed in the same direction.

And it is precisely with this direction of movement that we will have an instrument with which we can explain the disability.We also know this as inertia, i.e. to oppose the speed of light. Because if two horses pull on a cart but run in different directions, then the car will probably never be able to reach the maximum possible speed. And that is exactly what the mass should be.

But there was still this effect in a field of gravity.For mass, in other words, the rotating inner movement, does not represent the whole lot, but its special effect in a gravitational field. And that particular effect is the constant repetition of movement in a limited field of possible effects determined by the radius of its frequency. Gravity always affects movements only, whereby the distances towards the gravitational centre are always shorter and if the inner movements of the object constantly pass through the shorter distances, then this becomes the difference in the length of the distances towards gravitational Centre.

But there was also the increase in mass and speed at the end.The increase is merely the better alignment of the inner movements in a common direction and these can only be effected by other gravitational fields. The remarkable thing, however, is the enduring character of the direction of movement. Because the moving object retains this changed inner direction of the movements, because there are no resetting effects of its own. And with this, an as yet uninterpreted effect on what the whole world is looking for shows. It is another way of transmitting the alternating effects, i.e. not the effect altered by quantum, but the effect of a changed direction.

In concrete terms, this means that the search for the gravitational is illusory and the 2.type of interaction is transmitted without substance.This is just described here is actually a sensation, but it is collectively ignored, you experience it live, never a layman will come and show the stinkfinger to the entire physical faculties.

How does mass define itself.

Fermions: I understand a particle that has no mass exclusively as a singular photon,as the basic building block of all matter, which moves exclusively at the speed of light.A gluon is also a photon, but it refers more to the plural or the property in connection with several particles or Quantum. In my opinion, a photon should not be included in the list of fermions, because it is already included as gluon in the list.

Quantums are the particles that make up matter.A quantum is just a collective term for the whole particles from the list of fermions, which differ in sizes such as mass, spin, charge and name. A quantum is thus a generalized volume of space that does not move at the speed of light (with the exception of the gluon), so the focus of a quantum here is on the plural. Spin, charge and mass describe special properties that indicate different processes of internal movements.

Mass denotes inertia, that is, the vectorial circumstance that opposes a straight parallel alignment of several quanta in order to reach the speed of light.So the focus here is on the plural of quantum, because matter is not a single quantum. As a mass, I therefore understand the sum of all the opening angles of all the vectors involved, which oppose the parallel course of the direction of the motion.

I now put it in a very simplified way, to what extent the opening angle is involved in slowing down the matter.

Particularly special is the dependence on the sinusoidal scaling of the relationships.

Each vector has the speed of light, which greatly simplifies the idea and calculation.I always place the 1st vector horizontally on the X axis and the 2nd vector vertically on the Y axis, so a layman can still understand this well. The whole thing becomes a little more demanding when a 3rd vector on the Z axis has to be taken into account. And the whole thing becomes even more demanding when one now considers that even the elementary particles, which mass possess inevitably must also have on such relationships. Because they wouldn’t have mass, like a photon or gluon.

Ups, we’re sitting at a point where it’s no longer easy to determine.Because I do not know how a singular, in its innermost being, comes to such a steady self-circumference that the spin interacts completely differently on a gravitational field. The ordinary composite of matter is explained by the majority of the particles involved. And the Higgs boson is not at all contained in the building blocks of matter itself, such as in the electron and that has a well-known mass and the significantly higher mass of the Higgs boson makes me strongly doubt that it is in an electron so that it is also mass or that an electron is just another material container for even smaller elementary particles.

Because the next dependence, which we always overlook, finds its origin in the mutual orbits, whereby the individual particles on an orbit constantly cross the shorter distances towards the center of a gravitational field and thereby constantly time differences.What the outside observer now again grasps as a relative increase in speed.

Thus, mass is an effect on the gravitational field, whereby this can only refer to the actual distance travelled.This is because the orbits take place on the circumference of the orbit, which must be multiplied by the number of orbits (frequency) in order to calculate the correct distance of the effect.

Thus, mass is dependent on an inner particle movement, which is often overlooked and generalized, and especially the direction of the movements of all the particles involved that prevents the material from moving parallel to the speed of light.

….I’ll continue next week…

  • 2.Chapter an old remnant

Why does length contraction contradict the standard model?
Doesn’t it matter what gets shorter or longer?

  1. It does not contradict the faktisch-existent time difference, which goes hand in hand with the term “time dilation” of the standard model of physics, but it contradicts the belief in the stretchability of time and the associated denial of the At the same time.
  2. The question must always be answered: WHAT is moving WHEN, WHERE?

It may be that you are now one of those who understand that it doesn’t matter which of the two sizes (time or distance) expands or contractes.But today (2019) the stretchability of time is still explicitly favored by the standard model and therefore the idea of an absolute time in view of the time dilation was abandoned. And that is why I particularly disagree with any explanation that contradicts itself and must appeal to the belief that there is no causal simultaneity of effects. I think science does not come from faith.

Thus, the spatial deputy of time is now scaled as a section of the route.Where the set of each section should represent the stretchability of time. Which ultimately forces a four-dimensional approach.

The standard model now tries time as the 4th dimension to bend the space, even though this coordinate has already selected the WHEN as the address for the present.The time coordinate thus becomes the spatial reference coordinate (the WO) of a spatial curvature.This is a brazen alienation of meaning and lacks any justifiable logical justification. For this place-vector does not exist in the present, in the direction of which the remaining three place-coordinates are to be curved, so that the contraction or the expansion of lengths should find an explanation, but forget the definition of WAS.

A real spatial dimension is now absolutely necessary to describe the amplitude of this curvature.The first three WOdimensions determine the position in space, the time andthe WHENdimension determines the present and the additional WASdimension determines the amplitude of curvature.Only in this way do you get the WHEN, WHAT and WHERE spatial under a present hat.For every effect of this world is the change of the WAS– amplitude, everything else remains constant so that the total amount of energy is preserved.Thus, nothing is lost in shorter distances or is sunk into the occult notion of time (curved).

What is so wrong with the stretchability of time?
Time is just an idea of beings who can remember other times with the help of a memory and get a sense of time over whose deputy spatial distance the missing WASdirection is compensated.This is needed to predict the effects. Because things only seem present and reality is truly four-dimensional, but we have not understood how our brain solved this problem. On the other hand, the universe only has to function in the present, where time is not relevant to function, because the universe is so primitive that nothing can go wrong.

With the following animation I want to illustrate that the entire process of a motion is regulated by a circular motion, which means that the horizontal contraction goes hand in hand with vertical expansion and vice versa.So the red 4D plane is the vertical electromagnetic amplitude, and the black 3D plane is the horizontal distance.

As for the rotating circle and you may not yet know all possible perspectives, curves and curvatures of such differential geometry, follow this link.

Thus, here in the center on the 3D level it is not noticed at all that the movement does not describe at all the length of the path, which is actually the length of the path through the 4D plane.

Thus the formulation E=hf describes itself without contradiction and time is not even tried, which in the present it is not at all as a distance, as a size, as a quantity exist.

Because a track always acts as a distance from present space points, but never as a distance from past points.

You can find more about this representation under the crooked principle of everything.

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