Where is the Holy Grail?

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This workaround doesn’t work here, because you have to click through a mask with felt 4 711 hobbies each time.

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I once owned

Jean Markale ; ” The Celtic Woman “

I don’t find it now; I’ve cleared it.It is indeed an exhaustive account of the Celtic circle of legends around King Arthur.

There you will also find the Parzival Chapter; the etymology of all names is explained.

First, a slot; the mystics claim that Jesus never lived.This direction of thought came up as early as the 18th century; Youtube is almost over-the-counter by US mytizists as a counter-movement against the Bible Belt. You will find them scattered among all songs

1) Richard Carrier

2) Bart Ehrmann

3) David Fitzgerald

4) Ray Haggins

5) Interviews on ” Milwaukee Mythicist Radio “

” The Gospels are non_historical; the Gospels are myth; the Gospels are bul ls hit.”

There is so much that no serious historian can write a biography of Jesus, because this figure is simply intangible.

What did he do, said, wanted?

Ray Haggins, in particular, beats Jehovah’s Witnesses with their own weapons by taking the Bible literally.This is how Paul teaches

” Just as we all fell in Adam, so we are redeemed in Jesus Christ.”

Haggins is now making the effort to prove that in the words of Jesus handed down to us (alleged ) of the four Gospels Jesus DOES NOT take the word ” Adam ” into his mouth …

The evangelical tradition is generally very uneven; think, for example, of the word of Jesus

” The one lifts the first stone … “

The ” Brien ” has it just like the Pasolini film.IF jesus did not say anything with certainty, it is that most famous word. Because by comparing style, it is easy to unmask as BYZANTINIC modern Greek of the 11th century.

The Gospels also claim that a Roman legionnaire (later an ingredient of the legend: his name is Longinus ) had Jesus a lance into the loin to convince himself that he was dead.

And here the Celtic circle of legends around Parzival begins; the Celts have a thriving fantasy anyway.However, it can be clearly reconstructed; ” gradalis ” is the lat. Word for bowl. The Miracle Grail is a relic; that bowl in which Longinus captured the blood of Christ.

(Why should Longinus have smeared a vessel with blood; and that relics work miracles is nothing new.)

Markale, by the way, proves that the Grail intertwines Christian and pagan elements.The Grail is identical to the magic cauldron of Miraculix; and a necessary ingredient to this magic potion is the BLUT of the captive enemies, whose power you incarve to attain immortality, and this here conceptually oscillates into the blood of Christ.

The Grail narrative now goes like this: the ruler of the Grail, King Amfortas at Montsalvage Castle , ” Saviour’s Mountain “, is impotent; and Parzival on his knight’s ride comes to visit him.Then he sees someone carrying the Grail (illuminated with a light bulb) through the throne room, along with the holy lance.

A knight is detociating from silence; in general.As a guest, you never mark the better-known from the service.

But there is an exception here; Jesus also redeemed Parzival.And so Jesus can at least expect Parzival to inquire about the significance of that ceremony.

Parzipal’s journey for purification and knowledge fails; if he had inquired about the Grail, Amfortas would have been healed.

Small supplement; Now the movie ” Jim Knopf ” is running everywhere from ===> Michael Ende.Already in Kl. 4b) I had a leniency that Michael Had written this million-selling for ME ALONE at the end.

(I just say I hit the jackpot.The ” Alice in Wonderland ” is also written for a real existing Alice. )

Even as a child, I suspected that there was a mystery in that narrative, without it being written specifically that there was anything to solve.And that this riddle is related to the “sham giant Tur Tur. As Tur portrays himself in the Augsburg doll’s box, I would have counted him among the ” evil spirits ” if the story had not explicitly assured him that he was a ” good “

I was 38 when I finally cracked it.Interest? It’s an extremely exciting story how I got behind it. A ===> Zen ===> Koan

” Mr. Tur goes to his house.”

Does the Tur then collapse, or does his house inflate?

Well remembered; Tur says he suffers from a GENETIC defect, i.e. the DNA encodes the perspective under which you appear …

Another note; As I know by now, the name ” Tur ” of course stands for those enigmatic princess ===> Turandocht.

Conclusion: Jim’s DragonLand Ride corresponds to the Knight’s Ride of the Parzival.No way does Jim win the hand of Princess Li Si from Ms. Maltzahn, but he would get it from Tur if he asked him about his secret.

Jim fails gsnz just like Parzival.

I have also proved that all the mosaic stones of this Jim_Knopf_Kaleidoscope are grouped around the central figure of tur and his puzzle.For example, Ms. Maltzahn measures Li Si, because she knows everything

” And now, sweetheart, you could make me annoyed with the fact that you know everything.

You are proud and conceited; and pride and pride are the best of the day.

Wiiiie?Waaaaas? Antworrrrrrte, if you are a little frraged !!! “

No; this accusation does not go from Ms. Maltzahn to Li Si, but from Michael Ende to the reader.may the reader please react to the riddle of the Tur …

And that dysfunctional dandy, the Lummerl盲nder subject ” Mr. 脛rmel ” , in the Augsburg doll’s box, he mutates into a photographer.

Is there no photographer in this country who comes up to the Tur and explains his hopeful Bambini?

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