Where does the right-wing populists’ hatred of the EU come from?

Actually quite simple… right is conservative.Right-wing populist is conservative and does not care about facts.

Conservatism also contains nationalism.Either as a patriot or more pronounced than a nationalist. As a leftist, I would still call myself a patriot. As a patriot, my homeland is important to me, as it is, but I can also recognize other cultures and do things for myself. I can tolerate other people living in my homeland who do things differently from me, as long as we agree with the basic rules that are found, for example, in the Basic Law. The self-critical handling of one’s own culture and cultural exchange is necessary in order to further develop one’s own culture.

As a nationalist, I reject any otherness. Self-criticism of one’s own culture is forbidden.”Mia san Mia” is available with a wink, but also in the “Friss or die” variant. “Mia san Mia” is already a clear demarcation. Consider Stoiber, who blamed the CSU’s poor performance in the 2018 Bavarian election. A real Bavarian chooses CSU. This is nationalism and those who come from outside are to blame for something changing here.

For the German right-wing populists, Outside is separated by the German borders.”Mia san Mia” is now called “Germany to the Germans”. This is not to change, the borders should be. The fact that it is not possible to export in the case of foreclosure and then changes a great deal is a fact that the British are learning, but which has been demonstratively denied by the right-wing populists. Populists are not so much concerned with the truth.

So if you want to preserve Germany, you have to ensure that the influences from and to the outside are minimized.The EU is a strong influence for all countries with the aim of finding a common basis for all. A Basic Law for All. A European Constitution.

The goal of extreme conservatives is a country in a can.You build a wall around a country to preserve the good things that were done in the GDR. It was good, it stays good, it will always stay good.
But if a can is years or decades beyond the expiry date, that can be edible, even if it may taste a bit bland.
However, it can also lead to significant abdominal pain.

Conservatism is the fear that someone might change the recipe and that you wouldn’t like it anymore.And you store a lot of canned food, so you don’t have to try anything new. The EU is providing new recipes for living with our neighbours. We have to get used to the taste. And here live people, who used to like it better and here live people who like it better in the present and there are people who look forward to the changes of the future. Often these people are separated from each other through their generation.

In the West, cultural change was normal, in the East people try to preserve their way of life.This cultural incest, which the GDR has been practising for 40 years and which some people want to preserve, is not my culture. My culture is change. That is why some people there vote for right-wing populists. The majority in the East also vote openly culturally.

But this is not a pure East/West phenomenon: at RWE, coal workers take to the streets to preserve their jobs, even though we all know that coal is killing the climate and that jobs will be corrupted in 10 years’ time.People would have to change their careers now. Change your professional culture.

Populists lie about what the stuff holds.Just because you’re an adult, a person’s basic behavior doesn’t change. If a 15-year-old is afraid of something, he has no desire to do so. He won’t say he’s afraid of what’s coming. That he feels overwhelmed. That he needs someone to take him by the hand. You have a good chance of seeing a great play that takes no account of the truth or of fellow human beings.
People need to learn to face challenges.Not everyone does, some build a big play to hide their overload. Fake news and fake memes are a fine example of this.

It is difficult to change, perhaps even to reinvent it.You grew into your life as a child and should you now question all this? Take the risk again, when you have worked hard to build up a life and really just want to live out the successes. So many try to preserve the way they live as they are known.

This is understandable, because as a child you have a vision: earn money, drive a car, travel the world.What is your vision as an adult? Where do you want to go? Most people just want to arrive. In your own home. On the couch. In front of the TV with a bag of chips. Resting from the hardships you have done, in school, in education, until you have the post you have achieved.

Change is an effort.Conservatism is understandable and comprehensible.
But it’s not forward-looking.

For me, the vision of being European at some point has an appeal.I would remain German, as I remain North Rhine-Westphalia or Cologne. I look forward to more Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Polish culture here in Germany as well. One 000 years ago, a Bavarian and a Lower Saxony could not communicate with each other. Today, both speak standard German. In 100 years’ time, we in the EU will perhaps speak all the standard Europeans and a trip to Barcelona is as normal as going to Berlin today. Because you have a common language, because the same rights and obligations apply, because it is almost everything’s home. It’s just more home. Instead of a piece of land, it is a continent that, with the other continents, is perhaps fighting exactly the same disputes in a global union as the right-wing populists are today with the EU.

The EU has decreed that stuffed animals no longer burn.As a two-year-old I set my stuffed toy on fire and torched the whole apartment. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the apartment was uninhabitable. A JV could have it that we no longer set our planet on fire.

We need change to make progress.Or we will eventually get big abdominal pain.

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