Where does the image of the ‘lazy student’ come from?

Reni Levia hits the core.But little has changed in the last 100 years, at most postponed.

The prejudice of lazy students (even extended to academics in general) has, of course, partly to do with a lack of understanding of mental work.This is mainly cared for by people who cannot or do not want to imagine what others are doing, but who set themselves as a benchmark. There is probably a close connection with the Dunning-Kruger effect.

When a student (or a student) apparently comes to the bakery half asleep at around 10 hours, the sales staff naturally thinks that the person is lazy.After all, they themselves have been at work (on sale) since 6a h or 7h, but usually had at least 12 hours before hand “free”.

But the student may have been working on her desk until 5 hours, e.g. because then there is finally peace in the house and it is easier to concentrate – at least some, if not many.And that’s obviously a lottery experience, because sleep before midnight … and morning day has gold … and in general! (The latter is an absolutely unbeatable argument, so right.)

That many who study, work well over 40 hours a week during their studies and also afterwards, even on Saturdays and Sundays, “you” do not want to see.But that on a Wednesday! Morning! At 11h! to swim! it is, of course, intolerable if you have such fixed working hours.

What surprises me most, however, is the fact that even workers in the three-shift (or worse: contischicht) company see themselves only as an exception to nine-to-five jobs.Statistically, the number of the latter is dwindling and is in fact the exception.

The other day, at the gas station at about 10 pm on Saturday: the woman at the checkout complains rather jokingly that she has to work on weekends, and then until midnight.Present about 8 customers, two of them female. The first says: hm, I’m going to work right now. The next one: I’m just at work, but I have to get out tomorrow morning at six. The next one: I work every weekend, both days. And so on. None of this was aggressive. The cashier looked irritated and looked around, said nothing more and cashed in.
I almost went out with work and 6am, only that I had to get up at 8.30am.I still had about three hours of desk work in front of me. So it’s about the same.

Those who think others are lazy are usually just too lazy to ask.

The other day I did absolutely _nothing_ on two weekdays in a row (Tue, Wed).I slept, had breakfast for a long time (on Wednesday even in the caf茅), was shopping, had a midday sleep and then went to the park before I cooked (Di) with friends and drank respectively. (Mi) had a movie evening with two feature films. super. Like holidays!

The fact that I never worked less than ten hours a day for 19 days before, you don’t want to know.This information could destroy one’s own cosy prejudice. Who wants that?

That’s why I don’t care about the prejudice about Studis and finished academics, I don’t like the A**.Anyone who is interested in whether their prejudice is correct (usually people who express it!) gets information with as much detail as they want. Others still need their prejudice in order to be able to endure their own lives. And that is their right.

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