Where do you get your news from today?

That’s a bit of a tricky question.First of all, nowadays I just consume less news in general. I also have a digital subscription to the NRC and The Guardian. I’m following on Instagram the BBC and CNN. The important articles that come in I love, but I’m definitely not going to look for news anymore. Besides that news nowadays is often political, besides that “fact” no longer enjoys the respect as before, besides all that, I just very little want to see the one after another hit news title, mostly unnuanced and mostly excessive Pessimistic.

News has become too sensationalist, it has become too subjective and has become too pessimistic.

From box literature via the Internet concerning news in the field of technology and science, from news reports of the organizations I am connected to and also from the 8 hour journal from Holland practically every evening.About the internet all

No newspapers and no TV. Like me well.

Nowadays I occasionally watch the journal on the NPO 1 at 20:00 or Die Tagesschau on the ARD, also at 20:00.I often turn on the TV in the morning and look at NPO 2 for the latest news.

In addition, I read almost all the newspapers on the internet and now. En. Usually I first look at now. En and Continue reading on the other sites, if I’m curious.

Furthermore, I also often receive news from people who share external links on the Quora English language.Also on Facebook I often read the links related to the news, which my friends share.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question Hannah Villarba (Hannah Villarba).

Internet, Radio BVB.BNR News Radio, TV news.

NewsFacts You can get from a lot of new and fast sources on the Internet.Incredibly much. So much that you can’t do anything with it.

You can support the selection and interpretation of these facts by reading newspapers and magazines, watching RADIO and TV, or reading some websites (such as the Correspondent and many others).

There you can make so many choices that you will be able to get into a bubble .An FVD tuner will not quickly follow an explanation of the SP accurately, except for exceptions. And vice versa. So your own opinion touches then strengthened, the other opinion becomes weaker to hear thereby.

It can be no harm to immerse yourself in the other ‘ world ‘ and listen to it and live in it.Not only will your vision be sharper, but you will also find arguments (pro and con!) that you would never have found from your own bubble.

I follow the news little, but if I follow it, then a collection of places.

There is another subscription to the Leeuwarder Courant, but the regional news I do not follow so much.I read the most the comics, especially the new Elsje is nice. That nationwide news of the Leeuwarder Courant actually comes just directly from the AD.

Sometimes I buy a NRC at the station when the Internet is flat and I am very much, but I rarely go by train nowadays.

From my father I get the Telegraph that he received for free at the groceries on the weekend, but I rarely read that.

On the television I occasionally follow the NOS Journaal, alternating with BBC and CNN, although the latter is becoming less, American news captivated me in recent years not so, and occasionally TV5 Monde Journaux, or Tagesschau on the NDR.

Online I occasionally read an article from Microsoft News, actually this comes directly from a collection of articles from the ANP, RTL News, the Telegraph, NU.nl.So very briefly said a mix of Sanoma and Talpa. Sometimes I also read articles from Tweakers. For English news occasional Business Insider or Huffington Post of The Guardian or on Youtube videos of the Daily Show.

In short, I get the most news from one source supplemented with several other sources.So evidently I get the most news from Belgium. Medialaan-The press group Publishing-Wikipedia

Euronews The latest news first on NU.nl.

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