Where do socks go when you lose them in the laundry?

According to the fantasy author Terry Pratchett, there is a little creature called the ‘ unusual sock eater. ‘

It is a small animal that resembles an elephant.They live in utility kitchens and garages and other places where washing machines stand. They mainly live on socks, and they can be snuggle up when you don’t look. Official classification is indoorofor incidentally.

Yes, there you appoint a life problem that is not lying around.

One speaks in that case of orphan socks.

We have a lonely-socks-basket at home, hoping that the other sock will ever report. That actually never happens.

My theory: Socks are, to my knowledge, the only piece of clothing that consists of two distinct parts.In the closet they are connected, in a kind of roll. After that, they are roughly separated and fastened to feet, and after one or two days, sometimes a week (bah) is carelessly mired in the laundry basket. Sometimes we do a sock on the wrong foot-you don’t even get your pants wrong? Every time a sock has been on the wrong foot, one disappears, they have so agreed. They do not tolerate that kind of contempt. Where that sock disappears-and that was your question-I don’t know. If I knew it I had no lonely socks. But what I do know is: own debt. Think for a moment before you do your socks.

For proof: I have walking socks where a R or an L is on.And they never lost.


That riddle exists since the sixties of the last century.Until then, socks were stopped when they had holes and were relatively expensive. Mothers did care that man and children did not have one but two socks at once and then again two came together. Socks with holes went into the sewing basket until mom had the time to stop them.

I have recovered socks (and cotton handkerchiefs) in pillowcases and duvet covers and also in weird places in washing machines, but not as much as they have been orphaned.

I do have the solution.I only buy black cotton socks. With six or twelve pairs at a time. It will be less in time, but I always have only one weessok. I do not know whether or not I find another one, but I do not like the annoyance. NET, of course, I lose no less socks than before, but the winnings are in it that the socks that remain are still usable.

A friend of mine doesn’t like black socks.However, they too had solved the problem. Long before Dobby from the Harry Potter films did so, on one foot she did a poison green with pink striped and on the other a black sock with large woven red ladybugs. Works as well.

I’ve heard they reincaneren as tupiware lids that don’t fit any tupiware scale

According to the renowned scientist Peter Venkman, doctor in parapsychology, these faded socks end up in an alternate dimension called the ‘Brooklyn Triangle‘.

Here all the disappeared things go and a person nicknamed the Collector is looking for a key.Once this key has been found, lost things are coming back to their place. So also things you’d rather have lost, like a school photo you’re on with your beugelbekkie.

In the days when I had another tumble, this piece went.And since I didn’t have it wide, I had a lot of bass. I decided to take the screwdriver myself and look at the inside of the tumble with my extremely technical head.

So, machine pulled forward, all kinds of screws loosened and looked in the back of that thing.Also hoping to find all those lost socks at last.

And I found them back!!

At the back, left underneath the drum, sits very far (forward so) in the fluffy dark a little door.I opened that and I was sucked in with tremendous power. With that I disappeared through the door I thought: Now I’m also a lost sock, because I immediately understood that I had discovered where all those socks went.

On the other side of the door it is a colourful party, a bit dusty, but it is colourful. Actually, I never knew there are so many fun single socks on the world.Now yes, not our world then huh? But behind that doorpiece in your tumble dryer.

They mate with each other and some are really a nice match, other a terrible mismatch.You see that right. I mean: a purple sock with pink dots with a green yellow striped sock and both left……

Anyway.I decided to talk with some happy socks. Why they were all gone and did not carry their other foot to that land of stray socks.

The answer was clear: they were sitting around forever in smelly shoes, forgetting years in a sturdy sore knot lying in a drawer or being swayed forever at 40 or 60 degrees.

And they all took the legs.To Socks-utopia.


With me, lost socks often go to a trouser leg or a sleeve.Sometimes it also happens that they stick to the drum and I don’t see them. Only at the next wash will they emerge and then my other sock is gone.

I used to have a sokkenwasnet.I should also buy this again. But I find this quite pricey.

This costs 鈧?4.75 at Bol.

COM[1 and has four different compartments.If you have this, you shouldn’t have any problems with lost socks.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question, C茅line D茅camps (Quora user)!


[1 bol.com | NET Socks

I suspect that the remaining unmatched socks run away with all those gloves that are unmatched even after the end of the winter.The Netherlands is a diverse country.

They form a cute couple and can help each other-for example with opening doors and stairs running.

‘, ‘ My socks usually go to the closet of family members.Very nice, everyone except my little brother, have similar sizes and taste in terms of socks.

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