Where did you find your love?

On the game Farmville on Facebook.


No really!!

I played Farmville in that time and wanted some more friends who also played Farmville so you can help each other.Another Farmville girlfriend has suggested some people to befriend me, including my current wife.

She had seen my profile, liked me, started a chat on an evening, and before we were very in we talked to each other on Skype every day.

That was at the end of January ‘ 12.In may she came to the Netherlands and stayed for two months. That was fantastic. In September I travelled to her, and well… That was it. On the return trip I really regret that I had to go back. I was whine, it felt so wrong to go away.

In February ‘ 13 I finally moved here, and we are incredibly happy with each other.

In Heidelberg.

It sounds very cliché, but I really lost my heart in Heidelberg, just like in the famous song.During the four years I have worked there at an international lab I have come across my wife.

I went with someone who still had to go somewhere along, crossed card….There I met the woman who would become my wife one and a half years later. This while we both weren’t looking for a partner. Maybe that’s right?

On Tinernet.

As a student civil engineer, you were looked at by the girls skewed.Nerds, computer ziplers. And that is undoubtedly true for girls with scientific training as well. The advertisement makes that we only see perfect men and women. There is virtually no one who can meet that ideal image. The effect is that most young people doubt themselves in terms of appearance. I speak generally speaking. The figures also show that young people are increasingly living with parents, getting married and later starting to children.

If you like to read some embarrassing confessions, I had no confidence thanks to my ordinary appearance.I became very, very unhappy. Tried everything, bachelor associations. Pay but never dare to go anywhere. Wedding Office of a well-known Koppelaar star. Sad thing. I never got through the first conversation. Pathetic? Sure, but I am who I am. Finally on a dating website (and that will no longer work with all those fake profiles and bots to make your money dependent). Come In contact with some cool girls. Chatting with a few. Some even years just as friends. And one has become my wife. Two children and more than 10 years married.

Moral of the story.For me, removing that visual factor was the solution. I didn’t know her, didn’t have a picture, they didn’t know me, didn’t have a picture. So it was just about talking and watching who you really are. Will have been disillusioning for her to see me in real, but I had sjans. Good luck. The “Tinternet” was for me the solution to find my love. And I am grateful for that. Every day.

In the street where I came to live and that is now 30 years ago.

That will still have to be demonstrated.After seventeen years together, we went apart. That love came from a nearby village.

I have a friend in the meantime.I got to know it via via.

Very curious how it will run further

In my soul.

Here, on Quora.

In South Korea I travel all over the world for me work.

Was love at first glance we have been together for three years

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