Where did the idea of the Antichrist come from?

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Have you ever looked at Christmas from a different point of view?

It is a festival that comes from the pagan religion and has only been “Christian” overpinned!

Translation basis of the Bible texts: Jerusalem Bible

Customs that come from the pagan religion

God’s view according to the law of Moses

What does the Bible say about the pagan [1 Religion

2.Moses 20/2,3 (JB)………….. I am Yahweh, your God, who brought you out of the Land of Egypt, the house of slaves.Tare shall have no gods other than me.

So the true God draws a clear line between himself and all other gods.The latter have their origins in the great confusion, http://Sat.an, the Te.ufel.To make a clear distinction in this respect, God has given himself a proper name, which was already known at the time of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 4/1), it is reproduced in some translations with “Je.hova”, in others with “Jahwe”.

What does the Bible say about customs that are clearly of pagan-religious origin?

Commandment of God

Genesis 18/3 (JB)…….. You must not do what you do in Egypt, where you lived, nor what you do in Canaan, where I am taking you.You must not live according to their customs.

Proceedings against persons who do so

Genesis 18/29,30 (JB)…….. Whoever commits any of these atrocities – persons , who do these things shall be exterminated from among the people.Observe my orders, do not follow the greedy customs that have been practiced before you, and do not defiled against them. I am Yahweh.

2.Moses 32/3-5 (JB)…………… All the people took off the gold rings which they wore on their ears, and brought them to Aaron.He took them out of their hands, melted them in a shape, and poured a golden calf out of them. And they cried, “This is your God, Israel, who brought you out of Egypt.” When Aaron saw this, he built an altar before him, and Aaron cried out and said. “Tomorrow is a feast for Yahweh!”

The sun god Rah was sometimes depicted as a calf born by the celestial cow.The worship of the golden calf did not come by chance. The Israelites were accustomed for decades to practice the religious customs of the Egyptians. They had only received the ban on the worship of images 40 days earlier at Mount Sinai, and they thought they could worship Yahweh in this way. How did the true God react to this?

Genesis 32/27,28 (JB)………… He said to them, “So says Jehovah, the God of Israel, “Everyone girded his sword around his waist.”Go back and forth in the camp from one gate to another, and also kill his own brother, friend and relatives!” The Levites did according to Moses’ command, and the people fell on that day against three thousand men.

A study of 1.K枚.18/20-40 also shows the incompatibility between true and false worship.The Israelites were a people devoted to God and were not allowed to practice such customs, which came from the pagan religion.

God’s View and Christianity

has God changed his view of pagan customs?

Mal.3/6 (JB)…………. Ich, Yahweh, have not changed me, but you, sons of Jacob, are not yet finished.

1.Cor.10/20-22 (JB) …………. No!But that the Gentiles offer the sacrifice they offer to the evil spirits and not to God. But I do not want you to become comrades of the evil spirits. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of the b.o.s. spirits. You cannot be tablemates of the Lord and tablemates de b枚.sen ghosts. Or do we want to provoke the Lord to anger? Are we stronger than him?

2.Cor.6/14-18 (JB)………….. Do not let yourself be put into a strange yoke together with the unbelievers.For what do justice and lawlessness have to do with each other, and what kind of community is there between light and darkness? Furthermore, how can Christ be reconciled with Beliar, or what proportion does a believer have with the unbelievers? How does the temple of God fit the idols? We are temples of the living God, as God said, “I will dwell among them, and walk, and i will be their God, and they shall be my people.” “Therefore go away from their midst, and separate yourselves, saith the Lord, and touch nothing unclean on you Then will I receive you, and I will be your Father, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord the Ruler.”

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is sincerity enough to please God?

Paul did not personally experience Christ; he was misinformed by the scribes and sincerity thought that Christians were a renegade sect and therefore persecuted them.His sincerity led him to fight against God (Acts 5/34,38,39; 9/4,5; 26/14; 1.Tim.1/13; )

Roman se.10/1.2 (JB) …………….. Brethren, the desire of my heart and my prayer to God is their salvation. I testify to them that they have zeal for God, but without the right insight. Because they misunderstood righteousness from God and sought to establish their own, they did not subdue themselves to righteousness from God.The end of the law is Christ for justice for everyone who believes. Instructions: Create text with Bible passages (copy to document later),

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Festivals of pagan/religious origin



In order to celebrate a birthday correctly, a precise knowledge of the day of birth is required


No faithful servant of God is reported in the Bible to have celebrated his birthday.Only two birthday parties are reported, namely one Pharaoh and Edomite Herod


Encyclopedias confirm that early Christians did not hold birthday parties.The church historian August Neander writes in his book “General History of the Christian Religion and Church, Vol. 1, page 518”: The idea of a birthday party was at all far away from the Christians of this period.


In the Catholic Encyclopedia 1911 Engl., Vol.10, page 709 a quotation of the churchman Origines from the 3rd century is quoted, which reads:

None of the holy persons mentioned in the scriptures (is said,… She had a party or a big meal on her birthday.Only sinners celebrate the day when they were born into this world.


The birth of a child is a cause for joy for the parents, as Je= sus also confirms (John 16/21), but from a religious point of view 鈥?and God sees things from the spiritual perspective and not from the human perspective 鈥?a newborn child is a blank sheet.If this man has chosen to serve God in his life, the following verse applies to him:

Pred.7/1 (JB)………………… Better is a (good) name than good oil and /better) the day of death than the day of birth

The Birthday of Jesus Christ


The exact date of his birth is unknown.Neither Christ nor any Bible writer mentioned him. If Christ had been interested in his birthday being celebrated, he would have commanded it. In Over= attunement with Pred.7/1 Christ commanded to celebrate the day of his death, for at this time he completed his faithful earthly run towards Yahweh and paid the ransom for humanity. From Yahweh’s point of view, this is a reason to celebrate.


How and when did you start celebrating Christmas

Attitude of the first Christians

The first Christians also clearly separated between the worship of the true God and the false religion, according to Yahweh.Since they did not celebrate birthdays, the term “Christmas” was alien to them.

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In the following centuries, which the Bible refers to as the time of apostasy (2.Thess.2/3ff), the leaders of Christianity changed their minds and thought that by compromising with paganism more members could be gained, leaving the Gentiles who are being converted. their customs and gave them a Christian touch.

As encyclopedias, including the Catholic, admit, it was established 鈥?and only in the 4th century 鈥?that the birthday of Christ should be celebrated on 25 December according to the Julian calendar.On this day, the Romans celebrated the festival “Dies naturalis solis invicti”, the festival in honour of the invincible sun. The Catholic Encyclopedia writes: “Christmas came at a time when the sun cult in Rome was particularly eager.”

A feast based on customs that displease God, based on false reporting, which combines lies with religion, does not honor Yahweh but 鈥?albeit out of ignorance 鈥?the founder of the false religion and the father of lies (John 8/44).



Origin and introduction of the celebration

In the Encyclopedia Britannica it is stated: “In the New Testament and in the writings of the apostolic fathers, there is nothing to indicate the observation of Easter.The idea that certain times were particularly holy was alien to the first Christians” (1910, Vol. VIII, p. 828).

The Catholic Encyclopedia says: “A large number of pagan customs, which celebrated the return of spring, passed over to Easter.The egg is the symbol of germinating life in the pre-spring. . . . The hare is a pagan symbol and has always been a symbol of fertility” (1913, Vol. V, p. 227).

The book The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop states: “What does the term Easter mean?He is not a Christian name. One recognizes its Chaldean origin at first glance. Easter is nothing more than Astarte, one of the titles of the Beltis, the Sky Queen, whose name . . ., which Layard found on Assyrian monuments . . . Ishtar [is. . . . This is the story of Easter. The general custom associated with this festival today confirms its Babylonian origin to the full. The warm cross-rolls on Good Friday and the colored eggs on Passover or Easter Sunday were to be found in the Chaldean rites as they are today” (New York 1943, p. 103, 107, 108; compare Jeremiah 7:18).

Mixing Christianity with pagan religion

In the book “The Church” by Daniel Rops, which is marked with the imprimatur, it says on page 460:

Although there can be no question of influencing, it must be noted that the Church shows the now visibly prominent tendency to Christianize the religious rites and cult acts of antiquity, such as the dates of the Festeum with it the old customs. to add a new meaning.

Note 34: this fact almost Pope Gregory put so well into words when he gave the order to the messengers of faith whom he sent to the barbarian lands: “baptize the idols and the holy places of worship.

Commentary John Henry Newmann (then prelate, later cardinal)

Building on the power of Christianity to resist the infection of the B.eye and to transform the own instruments and appendages of the demon service into evangelical use, … from early times the leaders of the Church were prepared to imitate or sanction the existing rites and customs of the lower people as well as the philosophy of the educated classes.As Newman went on to say, such things as holy water, priestly robes and images are “all of pagan origin and sanctified by admission to the Church.” God’s people are truly grateful that they are protected from apostasy of this kind by divine teaching. It prevails over any form of demonism (Acts 19/20).

in addition:

“The use of temples, and these individual saints consecrated . . .; Priestly garments, the tonal, the wedding ring, the turning to the east, in a later time pictures, perhaps the church song and the Kyrie eleison 鈥?are all of pagan origin and sanctified by the admission to the church” (treatise on the development of the church Christian doctrine, English 1878, German 1922).

That is the opinion of a cardinal and thus the position of the Catholic Church.What is the view of the God of the Bible?

Hag.2/10-12 (JB)……………. On thetwenty-fourth day, in the ninth month, in the second year of Darius, the word Of Yahweh came to the prophet Haggai: Thus says Yahweh Zebaot: Ask the priests for instruction on the following case: “If any man should have holy flesh in the tip of his robe. carries and touches with his tip bread or a dish or wine or oil or anything edible, will that then become holy?” The priests answered and said, “No.” Then Haggai said, “If someone who has become unclean with a corpse touches those things, will they become unclean?” And the priests answered and said, “They shall be unclean.”

It can be seen from this bible verse that when something sacred and non-holy is combined, the sacred becomes unholy, but never the other way around.The position of the Catholic Church is thus in contrast to The Scriptures. A theology that is contrary to the Bible cannot be the true theology.

Let us compare a statement of the Bible: “

Roman S.C.1/25 (JB)……………….they who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and now worship and worship to the creature instead of the Creator who is praised forever.Amen!

The pagan religions were known for either revered persons as gods or the creation itself as animals or even stars.

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[1 The Bible refers to “pagans” to all those who do not worship the true God

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