Where can you go in the US this summer to avoid crowds?

Crowds?What crowds?

Unless you’re in Chicago or maybe Graceland (Memphis), I don’t know that there’s a “crowd” between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians.

Maybe a few beaches on the Great Lakes on the weekend of July 4. Twenty miles back in the forests of Lake Superior, there’s basically no one but you and the beetles.

It’s been an eternity since I was in Nevada, but I’m pretty sure Nevada isn’t crowded outside of Las Vegas.Try the Great Basin National Park:

If you’re out next summer, you should be able to see Michael Heizer’s “City” by then.

It is in BFE in the Nevada desert. Completion is planned soon.

Myth And Monumentality: Michael Heizer’s City Stands Unseen In The Nevada Desert – IGNANT

How about that?

Not too many crowds up here:

The gates of the Arctic National Park attracted only 11,000 visitors last year:

The Isle Royale in Michigan attracted 16,000 visitors.

The only way out is by boat and seaplane. You can’t drive:

Although the bizarre Dry Tortugas National Park is located in South Florida, it has only 58,000 visitors all year round.

It is home to the largest masonry fortification in the United States, Fort Jefferson:

You can even camp in Dry Tortugas:

Good luck on the way there:

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