Where can I find a complete model of the flat Earth that would meet all the observations we can make from Earth (and with mathematical substantiation, if that exists)?

I did some research myself, and we have to give Arakiel credit for his answer, because it is true that Flat Earthers actually have no model.And there she goes, in which Arakiel is right, not the model or any other scientific summary of their opinions whatsoever.

However, there is a rudimentary idea of how the flat earth would look and how the sun and moon fit in with it.Most of the Flat Earthers go out of a model in which the Earth is a round disc, with the North Pole as center and the South Pole as an edge. Of course, a conspiracy theory is needed to help deny all expeditions that have explored the Antarctic.

There are major problems with this model:

  • The distances are not correct.

And that’s pretty easy to see for yourself by viewing flight times from direct scheduled flights. Those should be much longer in the south in east-west direction than in the north.

  • In this model, the sun should become smaller as it disappears in the western direction-the case is that it remains the same size.
  • Under and above the equator the sun should always disappear at the bottom left.
  • But if you come under the southern rockboxing circuit, the sun disappears in the lower right corner.

  • In the model, the sun is a kind of spot, so that the earth is illuminated only at the place where the sun is at that moment and is not visible all day from the whole planet. However, with that model in the summer the days at the height of the time circuit should be longer than the closer to the pool.
  • The reverse is the case.

    FlatEarthers refuse to count on their model or the observations they do, it goes-if they try it-often in the fog. That’s why there was a bunch of Swiss needed to make as good and as evil as it is going to be a simulation in which you can adjust the necessary parameters if you still have hope to make our daily observations fit with your Platteaarde faith.

    Flat Earth Dome Model

    You can make them simple.Google on Discworld model.


    The mathematical Foundation will have to invent you.

    No, that is not to be found, because it does not exist.There are models of the flat Earth, but not one that can explain all observations (whether or not mathematically). For example, you would not be able to explain why in our summer at the North Pole no night at the Antarctic is only dark and in our winter the other way around.

    This is just 1 example that just shoots me in.

    Edit: Try to explain a sunset with the flat Earth model

    There is no rational model of the flat Earth.Flat Earth Believer Arakiel admits that honestly.

    A flat Earth believer goes out of his senses.What he observes with it is the truth. In support of this, you can still search for videos on YouTube, which are in line with this. That is not forbidden, only then any rational discussion is pointless.

    Own observations are very subjective.Example: The often contradictory witness statements in the accident. (芒 鈧?艙he drove Photografy to Hard芒 鈧?vs 芒 鈧?艙he drove though hard but not too hard, seemed mij芒 鈧?.

    Our senses are compared to animals like dogs, cats etc.Fairly limited. We are often put on the wrong leg by the same senses. We all know the notion 芒 鈧?艙optically grieg芒 鈧? As a fanatical cyclist I am confronted with 芒 鈧?艙vals plat芒 鈧? Just look for what that is.

    Incidentally, it amazes me, that flat Earth believers make uncritically use of computers, Camera芒 鈧劉 s, Internet etc.All made possible thanks to the (through them) mainstream science and technology.

    Nowhere.It does not exist.


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