When you sing a cover song, how do you find the pitch that best suits your voice?

How do people think you sound when you sing a certain music?By this I mean that some voices are built for belting, some voices are inherently more operatic/legitimate – they sound better with music that doesn’t require a heavy belt tone. If you’re trying to sing pop music that requires a strong sound/belt, but your voice sounds smooth, you may not be able to sing that kind of music – at least not without some practice. But even during training, different voice types simply make certain music better than others.

How do you feel after you have sung a certain music?If you try to buckle your belt, do you feel hoarse or sore after singing? You may not be suitable for this kind of music if you are hoarse or should never harm the singing of wounds. Are you sore or tired after singing music with many high or low tones? Again, this is an indicator that this kind of music may not be right for you. If you sing slightly high notes, look for music. If you don’t, look for music with a comfortable offer for you. Here, too, the right technique is crucial in order to be able to sing without inconvenience. With the right training, you can learn to sing with comfort – you can even sing up to the belt without killing your voice – but if you don’t get that workout, then know that pain and hoarse are NOT healthy and that until you don’t learn to sing properly , stay with the music that doesn’t cause you pain or inconvenience.

What do you like?Are you a person who would like to sing fast songs? Or do you prefer ballads/slow songs? Some voices sound better when they sing ballads – that’s true if you have a rich, sonorous tone. Some voices do very well with faster music – their voices are built to move faster, and your sound quality isn’t as important as if you mainly chose ballads (but it’s still important – people need your voice appealing, no matter what you sing). Of course, your repertoire should include a mix of different musical genres, especially if you want to make a career out of singing – you should be as flexible as possible to take advantage of more opportunities. A vocal coach can help you broaden your horizons, both by choosing music for you and by training so that you can also sing other pieces of music.

How easy is it for you to learn music?If you pick up the music quickly and learn to sing tricky melodies relatively quickly and precisely, you can try out genres that use tricky and/or complex harmonies or arrangements like jazz or have complex melodies like opera/classic.

How loud are you?If people keep telling you to keep the flap, then you have a big voice – and that’s a good thing. You can pursue a music that requires power – such as opera, rock and the like. But know that without the right technique you won’t sound optimal and could hurt yourself, especially in opera and rock.

However, this self-analysis will only take you so far.A vocal coach can not only tell you what you are suited for at your current level, he can train you to highlight your true vocal quality and teach you a technique that allows you to sing painlessly – and once they have done so, you can that open up more types of music that you can sing.

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