When is the best time to buy a dog?

Catherine has already mentioned it.There are many factors that play into this answer. So I’ll list questions that you should ask yourself before buying a dog, and which will determine whether the timing is appropriate:

  • Am I ready to take responsibility for a being that never goes beyond the spiritual level of a four-year-old?
  • Am I willing to spend a lot of money on special food or medical treatment?
  • Am I ready to spend a lot of time with the dog, its imprinting and training, especially in the first months of my life?
  • Am I ready to adapt my everyday life to the basic needs of the dog?
  • Am I prepared to let the dog restrict my living, leisure and holiday options?
  • Am I able to observe objectively and act consistently?
  • Am I able to see the dog as an animal and not as a human or child substitute?
  • Am I able to reflect and change my actions?

In addition, the following questions are added:

  • Is a dog allowed in my apartment?
  • How long will I stay here?
  • Can the dog stay alone while I’m at work?

(Or, for example, there are sources of danger)

  • Do ALL other family members agree?
  • Do I have enough run-out and opportunities for going out in the vicinity?
  • Is it possible to dispose of a faeces bag?

    If you were able to answer all the questions confidently, you can now turn to the optimal time.When buying puppies, you should, if possible, put the (thanks to Martin R眉tter) World Puppy Pick-up Day at the beginning of two to four weeks of vacation, respectively. the holiday in such a way. This makes it possible during this period to strengthen the bond with the dog, to carry out the imprinting on the environment and the car and to practice being alone. In addition, it is convenient during this time to move the cleanup outside and work to get the dog dry. It is possible to realize the whole thing in parallel with the work, but so it is much more convenient and effective. At this time, it is best to simply get one or two individual lessons with a professional dog trainer and, as a first dog owner, you can explain the basics on site.

    The importance of the first weeks of dog life cannot be overemphasized.What you do right or wrong here often determines the whole life and quality of life of the dog.

    The question of the seasons, on the other hand, is rather unimportant.Much more one should look in one’s life, whether one can also offer the dog a family, because he attaches great importance as a pack animal to a family association. As a pensioner, there are also times when you should ask yourself whether you really want to have a young puppy that becomes a young dog, or if you have to do a 4-year-old street dog without any embossing or conditioning. With all the good karma, there are also older dogs in German animal welfare who simply want to spend their evenings with their big or small quirks outside the shelter.

    So if you are looking for a dog, take the time and get in touch with dog trainers near you.In some federal states there is also a kind of “birth preparation course” for aspiring dog owners. In both cases, the money and time is really well invested!

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