When is it a good idea to start your own business?

For me it was when I, 52 years old, completely exhausted, gave up my work as General Manager of a small Canadian subsidiary of an American company.

The company engaged in the design, assembly and sale of special machines for use in the Autoflowering assembly in many areas. With my experience and training (the HTS in the Netherlands and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Canada), I did many of the designs and drawings, in addition to the necessary controls and Verkooop.This went well in the first years, with an occupation of about 10-20 people, but no longer with the further growth and the subsequent wrapping.

And that gave rise to the birth of my Own “company”: Self-Employed.I could then build on my strength: the design of machinery for use in automatic assembly, for customers who then used my drawings in their controlled manufacture of the appliance, for their use in their manufacturing process.

It went well with my mechanical skills, previously laid contacts, sales experience, my office at home, a good computer, great design software, and sometimes with others, including a mechanical engineer in the Ukraine, via the Internet.

It simplified my life tremendously.And at the same time further development of my skills, brought me in contact with many interesting and skilled people and increased my income. All with much less effort and greater satisfaction than before.

Hence, by itself, I recommend the step!Prepare yourself well so that you can “hit the ground running”. Consider your circumstances. Proceed with patience and steady-ness. Always ahead.

“If you can create customers”.

That’s the simple answer to your question Freek Glas.

Peter Drucker said it all

“The aim of a business is to create a customer”.

Some people first make a company, based on a product development, and then only go to create customers.That is because they see successful companies and then think that the “secret sauce”, the “secret of the Blacksmith” is the hardest.

They call that “put into the market”.

That’s stupid.There is no such thing.

This is the order.You start to create customers, you invent problems for those customers, you invent ways to deliver those solutions with the most margin, you test whether your solutions succeed, then make your products….

And then, after that, you start a business.

A weird example of how you create customers?This I heard last from a friend with a restaurant.

A restaurant deserves the most to solve a status problem, a problem they create themselves.Conviviality has to do with status, display and power. That’s why wine is on the table. Therefore, you always have to come with at least two. Wine is your cleanest nonsense. Most people cannot even distinguish white and red at the same temperature. But wine gives the restorer the opportunity to count huge margins. Purchase 6 euros, sale 60 euros.

That’s why there are wine glasses on the table, not beer glasses.That’s why every table gets a wine list. Therefore, the question of the one with the wallet “white or red?” And you never choose the cheapest or the most expensive. So the restaurant actually determines the price for your vanity. That is why the waiter is eager to donate (= Sell). No, you do not order beer. And sit the whole table that drink sour bend and do them as if it is delicious. “Blueberries with a hint of chocolate” is really your most pure folk selling. Therefore, you only have to pay if you have already drunk. And preferably pay with pin because that feels about 10% cheaper than cash.

So what does wine solve?What problem did restorers have made for their customers? Wine indicates a status signal. It ensures that the most expensive customers get the opportunity to Patsen. They didn’t have that problem yet when they came in with a group to walk in for a plate of hot food.

Wine at home may dissolve thirst; Wine in a restaurant solves status. Same wine, different problem.Other price. Other company.

First, you need a good product or service to be able to market.

Secondly, you will obviously need customers, without anyone buying your product or service.

Thirdly, this should be a product or service that one is willing to buy or take off for the right price.

Fourthly, you need a good marketing plan.Without a good idea to make your product or service known, your customers will not find you.

Fifthly, you have to think about who you want to keep as a customer.If your cost per customer is more than the revenue per customer then you are not turning a profit.

For all that is true in the long run, otherwise there is no continuity.

Only when you meet all these conditions does it make sense to start your own business and also to keep it full.

Right away!Or when you read this;)

Most people think that the cashier will ring by itself when you register the BV or company; Unfortunately this is not so. The preparation lasts quite a long time, is difficult and you have to make important choices.Not everyone can do that.

So make some fun for yourself and learn to dream.So turn the TV off, radio on: Grab your resume, write all your interests and everything you see as valuable in your life, and start your research. What idea do you have, what is needed and what are the consequences? What are your shortcomings? Everything about entrepreneurship, marketing, tax, legislation and regulations, production and shipping, services etc can be found on the Internet. Often with your competitors.

Ps You can also take part-time as a start, or in the evening.If only someone adopts the phone;)

Quora user actually gives the whole answer.A company is viable if there are customers for it. If it’s a good idea, have done it for work, you have done the necessary preliminary research so you know what you are going to sell (and preferably all the people are well made to buy it!) and know how to have a good path to go from your first customer To enough customers so that you can also be profitable. There must be room for your product and you should have everything in order so that you know exactly what price to ask.

Actually never, only if you have calculated everything realistically and are sure that you will be completely mad if you do not realise your plans.An own company is not a job. You have to be monomers for it and belong to the type that every day of the week wants to work ten hours and prefer to skip vacations than to go for a nice trip.

Every moment as long as you set your mindset on it.It means hard work and No 9 to 5 mentality. You can start with it outside your own work. It is better to start with it and learn that it is nothing for you. Then do not start.

99% Reading this does nothing about it.You can already start sharing your own passion. And from there see what’s possible. Search Google how others share people’s passion. Find companies there and see if you can put that on. Each company starts with 1 customer. And that customer also believes in your idea or passion that has been transformed into a product or service.

There will be sat who judge otherwise.But just as an entrepreneur you have to be opinionated. Make sure you don’t feel it later, I had done that.

Start and then you learn all that is needed

The most important thing is to check first if there is interest in your product or service.Do not do this by asking people if they want to buy it. But by really selling it. So check if people really pay for the product.

This is very easy to test today via a website and a marketing campaign.

You can start your business only when you succeed.

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