When does a narcissist begin to regret the loss of a source of supply?

The narcissist only regrets the loss of a source of care if that person normally escapes a spouse or girlfriend, dumps them and leaves them in the dust.Especially when the spouse or girlfriend leaves them for someone else. This leads to a major narcissistic injury, especially if you are married to them and have children with you. They think they own you for life. It’s when they kill the love you had for them, and they know it. Then they feel the loss.

The thing is that they inflict so much abuse on their partners, and it’s as if they want their partner to see only the pain in their faces that comes from preventing idealization and devaluation.They ignore their partners and treat them as if they did not exist. Many are constantly cheating by creating triangulations, and you think they are a prize to be won. If you’re not there to see the show waiting for them to come home, they’ll miss the pain in your face. Their pain is what drives them. They don’t love you, they don’t want you, but they don’t want someone else to have you.

In my life, I have seen 3 narcissists lose a spouse because their spouse had left them.In these cases, the spouse could leave them and move on with a new partner. This caused a major narcissistic injury. When the narcissist is still young, they can recover and find a new source of narcissistic offering, but the one who got away always bothers them. As they get older, when their spouse leaves them, some fall into depression and isolation and become their own narcissistic offering. They escape in their own fantasy world and tell themselves it is their decision to remain isolated. They all go into depression when a spouse goes for the first time, but some are young enough to recover.

If they throw you away, they’re fine.You don’t want to be bothered with you first because you haven’t been discarded without being replaced first. Only when things fail with the new source of supply and they devalue the new person, they could think of you again. They only think of you again when they urgently need fuel. I’ve seen narcissists who need fuel. They are desperate and depressed. Some even become suicidal. Without fuel or narcissistic supply, the wrong construct cannot exist, the lie that is the wrong self begins to crumble. As you get older, it becomes harder to maintain the narcissistic supply. The narcissist will collapse, he will no longer take care of his person. He knows he’s not like others. His anger, anger, bitterness, resentment and envy are shown to the outside world.

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