When do you know if a dough is well kneaded?

I just kneaded the dough for two focaccia.

The dough should feel supple.Not too dry not too wet. It is easy to form a scoop.

It does not stick on your fingers or on the kitchen sheet.

You don’t have to kneading for more than 10 minutes.

Maybe it is better in some recipes but it does not necessarily. Bread is quite easy and easy to make and if you prepare your levain very well that is the most important.

I try more to get a feel than follow instructions.For years I have baked our daily bread. I quickly develop some kind of feeling: with my hands and fingers I feel if the dough is ready or not. Practicing makes perfect.

Coincidentally I just uploaded these videos on my Instagram:







That is what the dough is.

I assume you meant bread dough. That has been kneaded when the gluten is getting started. After about 10 minutes you will find that the dough is starting to feel rubberig and that you can pull it out longer. Then you have good dough.

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