When did you realize that you needed a psychotherapist?

Every crisis that affects one’s deepest interior and triggers strands of thought and its own patterns of behaviour that go back a long way back in time sometimes makes me think that perhaps the medical or privately paid widely branched services of modern neuroscience.

However, since my personal environment is not free of people who have had a wide range of experiences with the use of these, as well as the fact that often baffled therapists are in my circle of acquaintances, which I could definitely consult, I have chosen my questions developed the necessary help through self-therapies.which also function and work reasonably satisfactorily.

Because through my own, often psysich and physically very stressful work in public, I often meet, listen to, joke or inform with therapists in their free time and when they think they are surrounded by them, joke around a bit, but very often come to me. doubts about the meaning and usefulness of this form of modern assistance.

I say: My doubts, because I do not question the whole system of very effective system of social and medical research to offer some corrections and much-needed assistance.

On the contrary, they could even be better targeted there before some fate gets out of hand and takes away ways that pose a danger to our free coexistence.

But this is precisely where I see a failure of the whole, when the economic intrinsofness of the therapists are in the foreground and they mostly adhere to those who are already performers in order to make them even more willing and affordable for a system that causes many diseases and exploits other potentials through schematic categorization as morbid and marginalized, because they do not seem to be of economic benefit.

If top managers are willing and willing to let themselves be chased through the bush for 鈧?2,000 for a group experience seminar by some forest people, then then take risk decisions again in Frankfurt high-finance towers, which ultimately take trees somewhere Let people be impoverished and uprooted, and we are sick from it, because such interventions change their societies in such a way that wars around famine arise, the late consequences of which return from our societies,

then I simply ask myself: who is really sick here and to whom is this suggested?

Especially when I see cynically laughing therapists in front of me laughing at it,

such figures, which are usually only products of a social group oriented towards top performance without empathic relations with the outside world,

easily and easily manipulate with the simplest of soul-healing measures in order to be able to powder one’s nose,

I have many questions that are salutary.

I am not yet a great danger to the public and can live with it as long as they can only generally state that I am a bit mad.

yes!Because it helps if it doesn’t have to hide systematically and also knows many like-minded people I meet.

Good to know that you are not alone,

otherwise everyone will have to pay for it.

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