When and why did you go to the army?

Thank you for the question!

My name is Luke and I joined the U.S. Army on February 17, 2015.My 20th birthday … the worst birthday I’ve ever had.

The reason was that I got my first impression of reception and it was horrible.If I had the choice of choosing between reception or basic education, I would choose basic education.

That was me just before I went to the army.

I know that some “hard” internet warriors might think, “Oh wow.

I would kick your *ss. There is no room for Justin Bieber in the army! “

Anyway, why did I join?

Propaganda has made me …

You know, only your average Go Army commercial.

However, they were not just commercials. Ever since I read about D-Day how our brave soldiers came under fire for preserving freedom, I’ve noticed how much I love this country:

And I realized how important it was to give up at least three years of my life for the heroes who had served before to defend it.

The heroes who gave me the right to choose whether to defend this flag.

Do I regret ever being there?Yes and no.

First of all, a lot of stupid stuff happens in the U.S. Army.If you are a soldier/veteran yourself, you may agree with me. These great commercials never show you how you’d sit at the AO all day without doing anything. Or how to sit outside in the sun and lay out useless devices. Or how to grab a mop and wipe the pavement when it rains …

I hardly did the cool stuff I saw in these commercials.I wanted to go to war so much so that I could come back and say proudly that I defended this country. Instead, I was sent to Korea twice.

Anyway, the army was not what a 20-year-old i ever expected.

When I got to my first unit, I had a good team leader.But after he left, I had the most toxic team leader ever. I’m not going to mention his name because I’m still going to show respect, even if he doesn’t deserve it. He destroyed my motivation and made me leave the army and never look back. I’m surprised I didn’t have to call him “My Leader.” He was just such a dictator. He’s an E6 now and I’m sorry for the squad that’s under him.

Anyway, after he left, I felt “liberated.”I went to the board, was promoted to sergeant and am still in the army. I’m leaving in January 2020. I can’t make the army for life or something. I just can’t. I want to get out, be with my family, watch my son grow up, etc.

I am sorry for the complaint.5 years of my life in the army are enough for me. It’s just like that.

Benefits of joining the army?

Paid training

Free health care

The army takes care of you in principle

You meet new people

Making new friends

Get a feel for the American spirit when you hold your M4 in your hand

Disadvantages of joining the army?

Possibility of toxic leadership

Just stupid stuff

I’ve lost my sense of humour 🙁

The adjustment takes some time

The army has taken a lot from me, which I feel I will never get back, but on the other hand I have also taken a lot from the army.Knowledge, motivation, leadership, etc.

This is honestly the best job I’ve ever had.But everything comes at a price.

Thank you for the question and … yes.

That’s it.:)

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