When and how did science prove that life on earth was not created by God?

Science proves nothing, but excludes things, and lists all the other options that still exist according to the theories tested, according to their probability.

We know that the Earth is at least 4.5 billion years old because of our knowledge of atom decay and the determination of the age of e.g. rock[1.Through all the observations we observe on Earth and in other solar systems of the Milky Way, we have been able to reconstruct how the Earth was formed. We were even able to follow a few times live how whole planets are formed around other stars. The mechanism is so well understood and described today that today we describe in detail the formation of the Earth and the moon[2.

The celestial bodies originated from a gas cloudfrom which the entire solar system was formed.This gas cloud originates from a supernova of an older star, which also emerged from a gas cloud.If you trace that back 13.6 billion years, until the formation of the first atoms and particles, you end up with the BigBang.I do not know who is responsible for it.

Now we can use the same procedure to trace how life on Earth has evolved.There are still some gaps, but from the chemical evolution to the evolution of higher living beings, we can create a very plausible model.We now contrast this model with all other hypotheses and because of the probability[3.

May I introduce in the left corner: an overpowering being has thrown the universe into existence, molecules assembled into cells, cells assembled into higher living beings and then gave a species free will.

In the right corner, the model according to which molecules are part of a lengthy process that has lasted billions of years and is based on biochemical and observable forces.

As always, Ockham’s scalpel applies. The most obvious solution is usually the right one.

But there is also a third corner, which is far too little taken into account: the anthropic principle.This says that life was created because the universe has qualities that allow the development of life, which is then able to ask itself the question of one’s own existence.In short, you’re here, so you can ask yourself this question. If you weren’t here, this question wouldn’t exist and nature doesn’t care what you think. This theory contradicts the existence of a creator of life on Earth, but not the theory of evolution. The anthropic principle goes hand in hand with the theory of evolution. This confirms both theories.

Decide for yourself.


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