When a narcissist says he never wants to see you again, does he really mean it that way?

So the shit guy has a different source of supply and wants to test that offers better care.

What a happy day for you.You just won the biggest lottery of all time. wrong!

The time has come for the narcissist to evaluate his sources of supply to move forward.In principle, this is the last check to see if the narcissist still has its old source of supply on the hook.

When I was with my ex (a covert narcissist), she happened to do stupid things to spark a fight.I struggled to deal with what was going on. She dropped me for the smallest things, even though I wasn’t even to blame.

At the time, I didn’t know they were testing me and wanted to know how I was a perfect source of supply that kept coming back.

Before I married her, I asked her why she wanted to marry me.Their answer was:

You always come back.

At that time, I was still at an age where people still believe that the world is as you see it.I didn’t have the slightest idea of personality disorders and the behaviors based on them.

Today, of course, I can say exactly what that meant.Oh man, i wish I had known that the moment she said it…

The question asked here at Quora fits very well with the answer my ex-wife gave me at the time.

The only purpose of the question is to find out how much you are hooked and how hard it is for you to resist your partner.

Normally you have to do something very bad before a person writes us off for good.The narcissist is not authorized to play the game “I never want to see you again” with you.

My answer to such a statement today would be:

Damn a pity you think so.Please delete my number and rest assured that I will never contact you.

You will be surprised how quickly the narcissist ignores his statement and pretends that it never existed.

Literally pull the knife and slowly thrust it into the heart of the narcissist, so that she will hate the narcissist for ever having confronted you with such a question.

Never do something like this with you again.Play their game and make it clear that you accept their departure and will not change your mind about it.

When you’re done with it, break any contact consistently. Don’t look back for just a moment.

To put it bluntly, the narcissist has such an answer and Reaction provoked and also deserved.

Whether you already notice it or not, but anyone who has survived narcissistic abuse will agree.Don’t take your own knee by thinking you’ve done anything wrong.

Never let your narcissistic ex get back into your life.Be aware that it was a life lesson and that it helped you get rid of toxic people in your life.

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