What’s your worst date ever?

It was our second date.On the first date we went to hiking and that was quite cozy, so there came a follow-up date.

We wouldn’t have a hicking again, but because I wasn’t dressed on the first date, I decided to adapt my clothes more to the activity.

I wore my Adidas tracksuit with athletic shoes underneath.I have to say that my Adidas tracksuit was pretty cool. He also came from such a gift collection of which I don’t remember the name. He did not look like a standard tracksuit and I could have him well. So best suited for a date, I thought so.

Okay, I wander off.

He picked me up with his car.When I got I saw that he was pretty nicely dressed: blouseje, dark jeans, neat shoes… I still joked that he would still get it heavy while hiking. He laughed hard.

We drove towards the forest.Suddenly he knocked off. “Ah damn, forgot to say.We have to be around my neighbors. I have to give up some, “he said.
I was assuming that he had to give up a little and that we would continue our way to the forest.

He stopped at a grocery store.He still had to pick up some for their new baby he said. He bought a woodboy and a card on which stood : Congratulations on your miracle.

He wrote the map and also added my name to it.I laughed and said that it doesn’t even have to. “No, otherwise they are going to ask questions when they see you,”he replied.

I found that strange.

Once you arrive there is a large stork in the garden and the house is full of people.My date immediately walked in. I followed and to my horror it turns out to be a maternity party!
I was introduced loud, by the proud father, as the girlfriend of (name date).Everyone looked at us, nodded and continued his conversation.

In no time, my date was traceless and I was standing there in my tracksuit.A little hopeless I sat on the couch, got cake and the baby’s grandma started to promote that baby fanatically to me. Just at the point I wanted to sneak home, my date stood next to me. “We go,”he said.
Nice so.

In the car on the way to the forest he said that he had to pass his grandmother, for he was dying.“Euh, I’m not going to hear it,”I protested.
He got emotional, said it couldn’t be any different, and he didn’t know how long she had to live.I agreed.

Arrived there, his whole family appeared to be inside!He introduced me as his girlfriend and I sat there again.
Somehow I managed to say to his stepmother that I was not the girlfriend of (name date) at all, that this would be our second date and that I didn’t even know him!

Nevertheless, I was invited to the family dinner in an expensive restaurant.That family had money! That father opened his wallet and I only saw flaps of 100. That grandmother also lived best.

My date and his father (!) took me over to go along again.
In the restaurant, his stepmother suddenly says: “(name date), Stacey is not that girlfriend with which you had 3 years?
My date suddenly started crying.

Showed that he just came out of a relationship and had confirmed the maternity party and family visit with her.No one had seen her before (his family lived in the States and he only lived in his new home, so the neighbors didn’t know her either) and he found it mindblowing to single up days.

I was flabbergasted.

When he finally dropped me back home, he found it necessary to say that I was a big no .His heart was still at his ex.

This was sincerely my worst date ever.

Side Note: I was pretty young when this took place.He was also a lot older than me. Now I was gone quicker on such a date, but I still had little date experience.

In addition, I had live Whatsapp contact with my girlfriends, who found it hilarious.That motivated me to continue the date. The story still does well at parties.

I have been chronically ill, for years.I have chronic fatigue (nowadays it is unfortunately more “chronic exhaustion”).

When I had agreed with a date and after 45 minutes he finally asked Es to ME, and I told him that I had this disease he said:

“But… What if I want to GO out Friday night and YOU ARE TIRED? “

That was a short date.

And no, we weren’t 19. We were 43 or something like that.Ridiculous man.

Had a date a few years ago with a German-English boy in Utrecht (we had agreed halfway, he lived at the time in Enschede and I in Leiden.We were both not known in Utrecht.

So far the setting, so what went wrong?

Altogether no self-initiative or view.I really had suggested a lot of things to do (walking, drinking somewhere, movie suits). I didn’t get any opinions, everything was fine, but as soon as I had selected some from sheer frustration, he had some complaining. Long story short: I have never experienced such a dead weight. In retrospect I had more to my liking on my own… I really got the idea that he was expecting a tour from me.

Nooooouuuu….I still tell this story and still be bullied with it

Let’s just prepare that sex was the goal, and the BIOS was scanning.We both knew that.

We went so tothe bios.The one with Jet Li.

Not even fifteen minutes after the start I considered for the first time in my life to say DTT ij went to the toilet and secretly go off.

This woman was….. or very simple, or particularly ignorant.The movie is not bijster complicated but they bleeeeeeeeeeef but ask questions about what happened. Literally mean it happened and two seconds later it followed a question about it. (I downloaded the movie later to be able to see it and actually follow it)

But well, film ended, I think all of Cole this I shouldn’t do.But we are in the Metro and OK das What now.

And she says

I’m keeping you intension.




I say, you mean in suspense.?

And they, no no you do know tension.

(makes with her hands syllables)


I thought MN head would explode.

Next stop, immediately called MN friends and family so they could laugh while I was coming from the guts of that chick

That time my date never showed up.Since that time I was abandoned from dating sites.

Have 2: first that in Antwerp.First, they resist the date, no problem with it, can happen. I come to Antwerp (90 min/go) after her work. The first thing she says is “I want to eat something because I haven’t eaten anything today (but she said it on such a tone as if it was my fault that she hadn’t eaten yet). They sprint a quick inside, I lose her out of the eye. I order something. I come to the cashier and that lady at the cashier says “Mrs. Ginder says that you were going to pay everything” (that was the date). I slide to the table, said looks up and continues to eat. 10 minutes later she says “Sorry to go on, but I have to make my vaidya because I leave for 2 days on a trip”

Option 2: We are calling an hour and she says “It’s hot, why don’t you take a dip in the pool.I say ‘ I will check the schedule of public transport when I can be with you, to which she said ‘ if you don’t have a car, you don’t have to get off and she puts the horn down ‘.

I went to the cinema with a very young colleague.Afterwards I went home. The week after, we saw each other again at work and suddenly she was very hostile to me. I had not understood that she had considered it a date and felt insulted by my behaviour.

15 years later she came with her boyfriend in a restaurant of ours, the moment she recognized me she tried to kill me again with her gaze.

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