What’s the worst thing you’ve seen as a stewardess?

Translated from Shrey Ps response to Quora: What’s the worst thing a passenger has seen?

This incident occurred on one of my flights from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.It is a 13-hour flight that departs at night, and most passengers travel to Hong Kong.

This boy and this girl (both around 20 years old) moved in early.They were both sitting in my area and I usually look at a lot during boarding to get an idea of the type of passengers I’m going to have. The boy immediately put his bag in his compartment, but the girl needed time to wait for the boy to help him, which he eventually did, but the entire episode took time to prevent the other passengers from getting through. They seemed to be in a relationship or close, so the scene seemed normal.

Over dinner, I asked them if they wanted to have a drink.The girl told me to serve her white wine and the young red wine, which I did. When I passed the car, she asked for more wine. When I saw their faces, it looked normal, but the boy was a bit red (I thought he hadn’t drunk much), but he spoke normally, his eyes looked normal and he behaved well.

After the service, the lights were off as it was a night flight.The plane was totally black at the time. While I was doing a routine and looking after the cabin, I saw her talking loudly and laughing.

She asked me for another glass of wine for each of them.The boy says at that moment, “I’m so drunk, I think I’ve been drinking too much.” After Hearing this, I refused to serve him wine because he couldn’t and didn’t want to drink. She cleverly replied that in this case I only had to serve her red wine (I remembered that she took white wine). Since she wasn’t drunk and seemed normal, I gave her a tiny glass of red wine.

After about an hour I saw that the boy was asleep, but the girl in her seat felt a little uncomfortable.I saw her rubbing on the seat, which seemed unusual. She began to complain that it was too hot in the cabin, even though it was cool. We could not set the temperature any further, otherwise the ambient atmosphere would be disturbed.

She pressed the call light.As I approached her, I saw that the boy had passed all over his seat, on his face, and all over his body. He was always a bit drunk, so I gave him napkins, wet towels, water and a plastic bag so she could help him and wipe something off.

I waited next, but to my surprise she kept the towels and said “it’s good, it’s fine.”For me he certainly wasn’t doing well and he had to at least clean himself. I thought he would at least clean up his face (I thought they were in a relationship), but she did nothing.

Before I could inform another member of the crew about the incident, I went to the toilet.Once I saw my whole crew in his area. There I saw a girl in a bra – which looked like this:

The crew told me that she had been dragged into the cabin.

Luckily, all the passengers slept because it was a night flight, but as it was dark, it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. The crew forced them to wear something about it.

With all the noise, the drunk boy woke up.Our crew could smell the vomit and the alcohol around him. He should change his shirt and clean himself. He was very embarrassed and informed us in front of her that he didn’t know this girl at all and that they had only met at the gate for the first time.

They did not look at the rest of the flight, even during the second flight.The girl was wearing black glasses and did not want to talk to anyone or eat on board.

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