What’s the worst book you’ve ever read? Why was it so bad?

I don’t even venture to the Fifty Shades of Grey . These are books I see in the Super Carrefour close to the cashier next to the cookbooks and Konsaliks.The books that annoy me are those that are known as classics but are ungeniable from beginning to end. The books you should have read once in your life, but page after page is a torment. The books that play with the language, but no one knows to charm than a select clique. Ulysses, of James Joyce, is “the work of an inane student scratching his pimples” as Virginia Woolfe says it so nicely.I’ve read it, that’s the only thing I can say. Masochism and a feather on my erudite hat.

The evening is an inconvenience of Marieke Lukas Rijneveld.

February 2018.I was zapping and stuck in an interview with Marieke Lukas Rijneveld about her debut novel the evening is discomfort.Everything to her intrigued me.

First off her outfit.She wore a black gentleman suit with tie-tie! Her second name was Lukas-how fat! Okay, she admitted in the interview that she had added this name to her name, but who cares?

Her androgenic appearance had me so captivated that I had to buy her book.Small problem: The book was sold out online everywhere. As if everyone was watching this interview with me just as touched and immediately went to the Internet in search of the book.

Just when I wanted to make a reservation online of the second edition, which would only come out in September, the bookstore in my city turned out to have a few more.Soon I made a reservation to be able to pick him up the next day.

The next day I stepped in proudly after working time the bookstore to pick up the book.
\xa0“So, you’re lucky.One of the last. These go hard, “said the employee while he handed me the book.
\Xa0i Glunderde.
\Xa0he picked up the book specially so that he stayed nicely on the way back home.I also got a bookmark for it.

At home the misery began.

The book proved to be a terrible drama where no end arrived.I also don’t even succeed in finishing. More than a year later and the book I haven’t been out yet.

Well, where will I start?Unlike the title, the story does not play out in an evening.There is also no very uncomfortable evening in the story. What is uncomfortable is the whole story an sich.

The protagonist is called Jas and she does not do her coat.Okay, I’ll call myself Reebok, because I’m almost not doing my Reebok’s either.
But good, even without a bit of a geiness… It bears witness to little originality.

The protagonist observes everything in (sometimes forgotten) equations.For example: “at the bottom, I knew, he had a tap that he could pee with underneath a lelletje like a turkey.”
\Xa0this is about the dick of her brother…

By those comparisons the story does not smooth.In short, it is a grieving farmer’s family where the children do weird, implausible things. That jacket, for example, pricked a pushpin through her navel, keeps toads trapped in her room that must symbolize the sex life of her parents and her father stops soap in her poo hole so she is going to poop better. Do people do that?

Perhaps the setting of the story for people who grew up on the farm is a feast of recognition, but I it’s all too much for me. Why did it all have to be so unbelievable rancid?Why did the writer beat? Why didn’t the editor handle it? Or was this just an idea of the editor?

Too bad, but the book now collects dust on my bedside table.By the way, I heard an editor of Ambo Anthos say that Marieke Lukas Rijneveld created a fantastic character of herself, making her debut novel such a success. She is also still fake so?
I am in all this really deeply disappointed.

The Tenth Kingdom.

The action scenes are fluent enough, but a group of fighter bosses, where the only female warrior will find enough nuts and berries for the Husky men’s company within half an hour. The writer lives in the city and has no clue what a bunch actually is.

After a few chapters at the old paper.

‘, ‘ Sometimes a translation is so bad that a book can arouse repulsion: the Dutch translation of ‘ Island ‘ by Huxley, which is a lor of a text.And how wonderful are the original English words of the author. I also consider the opposite possible, although I have no example at hand.

“, ‘ Carte Blanche.

This is a James bond book written by Jeffery Deaver,

The problem I have with this book is that it did not feel like a James Bond book.

It is a book about James Bond in the present time and although that may work, the book has too Much “Deaver” in Zn pages.

Something the author also confirmed in an interview where he told James Bond that he always wanted to be in a Deaver book.

Because of this, this is a pretty bad book for me where I am not a fan of his work and his work is very strong in this Bond Novel.

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